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SOS Animal Rescue: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

To waive adoption fees for our shy and FIV+ cats.

We were able to market our hard-to-adopt cats with waived adoption fees, which prompted interest in them.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

In October 2018, we received a request for help regarding several cats. It was believed they had been tossed outside from a run-down duplex when the renter moved out. We set traps on the concerned neighbor’s property and were able to secure Natters (first photo) and Chatters (second photo). In addition to these kittens, we rescued, fully vetted, and found forever homes for five adult cats.

Chatters and Natters were extremely scared of humans. They were not mean or aggressive, but they certainly were not adoptable. They were beautiful Maine Coon-looking kittens. They would cower in the backs of their cages and curl up into tiny little furry balls of tight muscles. During their first vet visit, we discovered someone had shot them with pellets, which the vet had to remove.

Several months had gone by and we still had these two scared kitties. We desperately wanted to get them into forever homes, but when potential adopters found out how scared they were, they no longer had any interest in adopting them. On, we explained their fearful nature. We received a lot of interest based on their beautiful appearances, but we knew only a quiet home with a very patient caretaker would work.

Their difficult disposition was explained to one potential adoptive family, which resulted in our redirecting them to a much friendlier cat, Sophie, as they wanted a long-haired female cat. Thankfully, the family could not be happier, as indicated by the picture of Sophie playing peek-a-boo in their daughter’s bed (third photo).

After some time, we finally received a carefully thought-out email regarding our post about Chatters and Natters. Finally we felt that we may have found a good potential adopter. This couple had recently had their last adult child move out. Further, they had lost their Maine Coon cat to an old-age illness a few months prior. They decided they wanted to adopt a rescue cat and save a life with their next pet and really liked the Maine Coon breed. They explained in their correspondence that they had the time, devotion, and patience to work with Chatters and Natters. They indicated they would take as long as necessary.

This wonderful couple spent an hour and a half in the foster home, gently and patiently interacting with the kittens. At this point, we knew we had finally found the perfect forever home for Chatters and Natters!

There was no adoption fee charged for their adoption thanks to the Petfinder Foundation. Within a week, we were informed how both girls, now 10 months old, were coming along very well, with “wonderful breakthroughs” of trust and love. They even said that they cannot imagine their lives without them. “Violet Chatters” and “Daisy Natters” found their happy ending (fourth photo)!

Without the posting, we would have never found this wonderful home for Chatters and Natters. Their adopters live over 100 miles away and searched the breed on Petfinder. Chatters, Natters, Sophie and all of us who volunteer at SOS thank you!

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