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Crash's Landing: Purina and Amazon Treats for the Holidays Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

At least two tubes of Friskies Party Mix treats are now included with each adopter goody bag given to people who adopt our cats. Adopter goody bags include the following: Information to help with the transition of their new cat, a bag of food (Purina Indoor Cat Chow) to either keep their new cat on the same food or to help transition them to a different food, toys, two or three tubes of Friskies Party Mix treats, and two cans of Friskies food.

Our cats always need food and treats! We are grateful for the opportunity to add Friskies Party Mix treats to our adopter goody bags, as this is our way of saying thank you to the people who care about our cats and give them good homes. We find that goodwill gestures like this go a long way in our field. Cat care isn't cheap, and the goody bag adds a nice touch. Including quality treats that our cats enjoy introduces the adopter to something they may not otherwise think of purchasing.

How many pets did this grant help?

From May 1, 2016, through July 31, 2016, 31 cats were adopted out. Each adopter received a goody bag with Friskies Party Mix.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Michele had been watching our website for a while, keeping her eye on Chardonnay (first photo). She finally told herself if Chardonnay was still there the next time she looked, she would apply to adopt her. She was still there and Michelle applied to adopt and was quickly approved. Michelle came to the Meet & Greet one Sunday and decided, after lots of pets and cuddles, that Chardonnay would fit into her family. She decided to take her home. We’re excited to announce that Chardonnay found her fur-ever home to spend the rest of her golden years. Chardonnay joined Lulu and Coco (also rescues), both 9 years old, and Ginger, who is also 15. We are all very happy for our old girl!

When Ferrell (second photo) first came to us, he was very afraid. He would run if approached and his favorite hiding spot was behind the furnace ducts. It took him a couple of months, but he eventually figured out that Crash’s Landing was not a bad place to be. He had a warm place to sleep, food any time he wanted it and a dozen humans to wait on him every day. One of those humans is Wednesday-morning volunteer Kaitlyn. She fell head over heels in love with him and decided he would be the purr-fect companion for Kesha, her 4-year-old Russian blue female kitty. Congratulations, Ferrell, Kaitlyn and Kesha. We are all going to miss Ferrell’s really good hugs!

Donna and Gary had to let their precious cat of 12 years cross the Rainbow Bridge due to illness. They were not sure about adopting again right away, but found us on the Internet and were impressed with the love and care we give our cats. Donna filled out her application and indicated she wanted to meet Renior. But she also said they travel a lot in the summer, so they wanted to wait until fall. She only lasted a month. At the end of June, she called and asked when they could come in to meet the cats. It just so happened we were having our Meet & Greet in just a couple of days. When Donna and Gary arrived, we showed them around, then let them go play with the cats (they brought their own cat toy). They found Renoir to play with, but he was not interested; however, there was another black cat in the room who wanted to play. They decided Elfie (third photo) was the cat for them. Congratulations Donna, Gary and Elfie!

Mary is widowed and lives alone. Her daughter and granddaughter thought it would be a good idea for her to adopt a cat for company. Her granddaughter Katie told her about us. She did some research, called to ask some questions and said she was going to fill out the online application. Mary next stopped by the shelter and asked if we had a paper application because her computer was having issues. She used our computer to fill out the online application. After Mary finished filling out the application, she toured the shelter. She wanted a cat who chose her. She liked Maali, Portabello and Kellan. She sat down on a bench in the med room and spotted an orange-and-white cat in a cubby across from her. Leyland (fourth photo) was out of the carnival room being a big brave boy. Normally shy, Leyland just needed a chance to be a great cat. Mary approached him slowly with her hand out. When she touched him, he just melted in her hand. She looked at me and asked if she could adopt him. I told her, “as soon as I get you approved, he is yours!” She left to go shopping. It had been more than 10 years since she had a cat, so she had supplies to purchase. I called her a few days later to tell her she was approved. She was so excited! She decided to wait until after July 4th to pick him up because she was invited to go to the Lake Shore for a few days. Congratulations, Mary and Leyland!

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