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Little Traverse Bay Humane Society: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation grant, we were able to waive the adoption fee for Elliott, which would have been a $200 cost to the adopters. Additionally, we provided the adopters with a $100 gift card to PetSmart, allowing them to purchase a 24-lb. bag of Sensitive Stomach & Skin Grain-Free dry food ($60) and 12 cans of wet food ($30). We are continuing to provide Elliott with the ongoing allergy shots he requires every 4-8 weeks for one year from his adoption date ($47.50 each time). Additionally, we are paying for the medicated shampoo that he needs to be bathed in 1-2 times each week ($42.50 per bottle). Finally, we are covering the cost of any antibiotics that Elliott is prescribed, as needed, for the duration of one year. made it possible to quickly find the perfect match for this wonderful senior pup, and this Petfinder Foundation grant allowed us to assist Elliott's adopters (two retirees) by offsetting the cost of his adoption and ongoing care. His adopters report back, "Wanted to let you know Elliott is doing great, made himself right at home! He is such a sweet dog and listens well. He definitely knows there’s food in the kitchen! Our road goes uphill and we were surprised how fast he can haul it on walks. Once he loses some pounds, he should be even more agile. He enjoys meeting neighbors, including kids. We just love him! It’s been an easy adjustment for all of us; it’s like he’s always been here. Again, thanks so much!"

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Elliott came to us as an owner-surrender. Unfortunately, his previous owner was unable to afford or provide the long-term care that he required. He was very well-loved in his previous home, and he struggled to settle in to the shelter environment, which is why he could be found hanging out with our front-desk staff for most of every day before he was adopted.

We have programs in place to assist owners with short-term and emergency medical care, but Elliott requires ongoing allergy shots, occasional antibiotics, and regular medicated baths. He is a super sweet old boy who has now found a perfect forever home where he can just relax and snuggle. Under our care, he had 11 decaying teeth extracted, and previously had 9 pulled, but the teeth that are left look fabulous now.

Given the care that he requires, we knew that it would take a special adopter willing to put in the time (and money) to tend to his allergies and provide the great “retirement”-type life he deserves. Our vet estimated that managing Elliott’s allergies would cost approximately $750-$1,000 annually in addition to the regular care and feeding of an aging dog. We are thrilled to report back that Elliott is living his best life, which was made possible by and the grant we received from the Petfinder Foundation!

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