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L.A.S.S.I.: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Weekly allergy injections, medicated shampoo, senior dog food, joint supplements, orthopedic bed.

This grant assisted Kila (a 9-year-old pit bull with severe allergies) in helping to keep her comfortable with weekly allergy injections, medicated shampoo, joint supplements to help her with her aging joints, a new orthopedic bed to keep her comfortable, and senior dog food. Kila has been in foster care for the past several months because she was shutting down in the shelter setting and this grant really gave her the quality of life she deserved.

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Kila arrived at the shelter on November 4, 2017, is terrible condition. She basically had no hair and, since she was a senior dog (when she arrived, she was 8), staff and volunteers knew they had to jump into quick action. After some testing and a medical review, it was found that she was severely allergic to almost everything. She couldn’t be with another animal, and was allergic to trees, dust mites, cats — you name it. She was shutting down in the shelter setting, so a specialized foster home was found for her and she thrived. We just found out today (June 26, 2018) that she was adopted! We couldn’t be happier for her. The grant from the Petfinder Foundation helped her during her recovery and she is now on to a happy home life! Thank you so much!

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