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Adopt a Homeless Animal Rescue: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Vet bill for a pittie named Diesel to have him neutered and the masses on his body removed

During Covid shutdowns, the dogs we pulled from shelters did not get fixed or receive all their vaccinations before they were sent to us.

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Diesel was saved from a shelter in Maryland where breed-specific legislation is enforced. The pits there do not make it out alive unless a rescue pulls them. Dogs who are older or have medical issues are especially in danger of being put down, as the shelter does not offer medical care beyond the basic vaccines.

We pulled Diesel knowing that he had masses on his body that would need a biopsy and probably removal before adoption. The extra medical need made him a less-desirable pull for other rescues. He was also not neutered, which was an additional expense we had to consider. Due to the additional Covid expenses we have had for almost every dog we have pulled over the past few months, a grant like this helped us pull Diesel despite his additional medical concerns.

We used this grant to pay for a portion of Diesel’s vet bill to have him neutered and the masses removed from his body. Shortly after his surgery Diesel, was adopted into a home with two fur and two human siblings.

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