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Humane Society of Charles County: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money from these grants were adoption sponsorships and helped some of the dogs get adopted earlier. One of the dogs is still not adopted, but is in foster care; we are using her sponsorship money to get her some training and a behavioral evaluation to be more adoptable.

Whenever a pet can be sponsored, we can usually get them into forever homes more easily. The sponsorship allows us to provide care for the animals still in need of adoption by helping to pay for food and supplies that are much needed.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Sugar-face Sassy (first four photos) is a sweet old gal who was surrendered by a family who no longer wanted her. When she first came to HSCC on June 27, 2020, she was in need of basic vet care, vaccinations, and grooming. She was extremely nervous and reluctant to interact with staff, play, or exercise.

Patience and perseverance prevailed and she became a very friendly and affectionate pooch. HSCC provided her with vaccinations and preventative treatments, got her cleaned up and had her shockingly long nails trimmed.

On July 18, she found her forever home. Her new family renamed her Lady and have been giving her lots of love, exercise, and proper nutrition and grooming. They report that her once-dull coat is now soft and shiny and that, despite her age, she is a ball of energy who loves to play at the park. She is a “super cuddler” and loves naps under the blankets. Aside from her new family, she is especially fond of her stuffed toys and tennis ball.

River (fifth photo) is very nervous in the kennel and takes a minute to warm up. Once outside the shelter, however, she is outgoing, curious, and affectionate, but needs a proper introduction. She is strong on the leash so she would benefit from learning some manners and would be a GREAT RUNNING BUDDY. She is a very pretty girl with a bit of an independent streak, but does enjoy a good scratch and a belly rub. She may repay you with a big kiss! She would do best in a home without children or other pets. River is not adopted yet. She is still living with a foster family. You can meet River here.

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