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Pawfect Life Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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The most amazing things in rescue happen when good people and good charities come together to save lives! Meet Brosie. This pup was run over by a truck that sped off and left him lying in the road.

This Emergency Medical Grant helped Brosie through a difficult surgery.

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A Good Samaritan ran to Brosie’s aid after seeing him get run over by a truck that sped off and left him lying in the road. They brought him to the Florence, Alabama, animal shelter, notifying the ACOs of what they’d witnessed. That’s when Pawfect Life got a call saying a stray had been dropped off with a crushed leg and could we please help? So we did! Brosie had an amputation and was fully vetted and came North. He met a wonderful family at our open meet-and-greet who were very interested in adopting him. Unfortunately, before I was able to invite them back to have their dogs meet Brosie, I noticed Brosie wasn’t walking right. Now, of course, he wouldn’t walk 100% right as a tripod, but something more seemed off — so off to the Sutton Animal Hospital we went! We did an x-ray, which confirmed that yes, there was a problem with the one remaining hind leg.

This was devastating, and so I had to call this wonderful family and tell them that Brosie wasn’t okay and that I needed to further vet him before I could say he was 100% okay to be adopted. They were very sad as they had felt an immediate connection with this sweet boy. I promised Brenda I would find a specialist and get Brosie the vetting he needed and that i’d stay in touch with her, but that it would most likely be some time until he was ready to go to a new home, because the fracture the x-ray revealed meant he would most likely have to have a femoral-head ostectomy on his one back leg (a surgery requiring that we cut off the top of the femur/thigh bone).

Brenda asked, well, will you be fostering him? I said yes, most likely, due to the care he would need. Then she asked about the bonding that happens between a dog and a person while going through a surgery and recovery as difficult as this, asking, well, what if she fostered him? I was stunned and speechless that this woman whom I had just met would care enough about this one pup that she would be asking me if she could help him through such an ordeal — and it would be an ordeal, because surgery on the only back leg this pup has wouldn’t be easy. These are the moments that I am most touched and vulnerable — that change my way of thinking and make me feel one with the world.

So on Oct. 1, Brenda came and signed a foster contract and took Brosie home. She brought him to all of his vet visits with the specialist and helped him through a difficult surgery, which he had on Nov. 8. And she helped him as he made a miraculous recovery, blooming with all the love and support she was giving him — every moment of which brought them closer together.

Brosie’s surgery was costly and the rescue needed help raising money to ensure this sweet boy had a chance. We reached out to the Petfinder Foundation, submitting for an Emergency Medical Grant to help save him. And they responded, answering our call for help with an almost $500 grant towards his care! Moment after moment for this sweet boy, daily miracles and the love of a family that transcends all, until finally, this month, that once lost and broken soul was adopted into his forever home.

I would like to thank the Good Samaritan who pulled him off the road and the folks at the shelter, including my friend Debby who called me for help, and all the veterinarians who helped save Brosie! I’d especially like to thank the Rolfe family for seeing how amazing this precious boy is — and for being the amazing people they are (much love to you, Brenda)! And to the Petfinder Foundation for being there to help save those most in-need, as just when I thought we would have no way to fund his surgery, you were there, ready and willing to help! Some things in life are just meant to be, and you, sweet Brosie boy, are that beautiful soul who brought everyone together and changed us forever.

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