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Take Paws Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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This grant was applied specifically for Marly. She has frequent seizures, the cause of which was unknown. Our vet had suggested idiopathic epilepsy, but recommended an MRI and spinal tap to be sure of the cause and ensure we were treating it properly. This grant, supported by social-media fundraising, allowed us to have the MRI performed.

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Marly was surrendered to Take Paws Rescue in December 2021 when her owners could no longer care for her. Marly has been in a foster home since that time with a pediatric physician.

We knew Marly had a history of seizures, but they were well-controlled with daily medication. Recently Marly’s seizures have become more frequent, more intense, and are lasting longer. While on an adoption trial, Marly had three seizures in one night. She’s now back with her fosters.

She had a consultation with a neurologist who strongly recommended an MRI to determine the cause of her seizures and how to best treat her condition. Marly’s MRI revealed that she has a skull deformity that is causing one side of her brain to compress on the other side. This is what’s causing her seizures.

There were no signs of trauma, so the neurologist believes this is just a birth defect that didn’t reveal itself until she had completed growing.

We are now managing Marly’s seizures with daily medication. She’s an extremely happy and otherwise healthy young dog who deserves the best life possible.

You can meet Marly here.

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