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Cenla Alliance for Animals: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Chew toys for our rescue dogs in our shelter

We have an estimated 60 dogs at our shelter, not including the dogs we have additionally in foster homes. The dogs at the shelter rarely benefit from toys because many toys just do not hold up, leaving them without toys to chew during the day. KONG toys are chew toys that hold up and allow our dogs to have a lasting opportunity to enjoy chew toys every day instead of being without or having toys fall apart, putting them in danger. We received 10 KONG toys in various sizes and our dogs love them. It allows for hours of enjoyment, and when we put treats inside, it gives them a special enjoyment and a surprise of something good inside. It is difficult being in a kennel, and I think this gives them pleasure that they so deserve until the day they get to go to a home where we encourage the adopters to continue to use KONG toys due to their durability and the dogs' enjoyment.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Betsy (first photo), Katrina (second photo), Joey (third photo), Sawyer, Beatrice, and Colt were rescues from [an open-admission] shelter in Alexandria, Louisiana. Betsy, Katrina, Beatrice and Colt are not currently listed on Petfinder because the rescue is treating them for heartworm; because of this, it is very important that they have toys because they are not allowed to be active during treatment and the toys give them something to enjoy since their activity level is regulated. They get good treats inside like peanut butter, nibbles of food and nice treats.

Betsy, a black Lab mix, was so very impressed with her new toy that she could not let it go! She licked, chewed and ate treats out of it a lot! All of our babies were grateful but I think Betsy was the most grateful to have a great toy to play with and chew during the day and night. Happy rescue pups make for a happy shelter life until the day of adoption.

Katrina, a German Shepherd, is a bit timid and shy, but once I gave her the Kong toy, she came alive and couldn’t wait to see the treats inside. When she is happy, we all are happy, because giving happiness to these precious animals is worth every second to see them not scared or afraid and showing happiness and joy.

Joey, a brindle pup, will soon be fully vaccinated and neutered and ready for adoption. He was also rescued from a high[-intake] shelter. The rescue makes sure he has four sets of vaccines to ensure that he is protected from viruses, and that he is neutered at the appropriate age recommended by the vet, so he is almost ready to get adopted in the next few weeks. The Kong toys have given this playful, happy boy some fun and also helped him when teething. He also enjoys treats inside and throwing the toy in the air while chasing it. Joey is very grateful to have had this toy to pass the time.

Sawyer, a yellow Lab mix, was recently adopted and, after time at our shelter, he is living an amazing new life in New England. He was so playful with his Kong toy that he would throw it up in the air and catch it and pounce on it during playtime.

Beatrice, a black-and-white pup, isn’t much of a chewer, but she LOVED getting treats in her KONG so she could lick away all the goodness inside. She would even carry it around, prancing to show off her Kong prize.

Colt, a black-and-white collie mix, loved all the treats the Kong toy had inside, and after getting his treat out, he loved to chew on the toy, passing the time away. The beautiful red color was easy for us to locate when he hid it so we could add more goodies inside. He likes stimulation, so this toy gave him the interaction he needed to help give him a challenge of getting what’s inside out of the Kong. He LOVED this toy!

It was very hard to get good pics because everyone was so excited to play and chew on them that they were not interested much in looking at the camera!

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