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Bark And Roll Rescue Companions: Disaster Response and Recovery Grant Report

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We initially thought we would double our intake for the month of the storm. However, we ended up taking in about the same number but many more medically or behaviorally unstable pups that would have otherwise been euthanized. While in Texas to pick up and transport back to our rescue, our team was actually able to assist with the floodwater rescues. We joined forces with the Cajun navy and were able to get approximately 80 animals out of the water and into safety while waiting for our pups to be ready for transport. That is 80+ animals who would have drowned if we had not been there due to the generosity of this grant. We helped save from 4-6 feet of water: a potbelly pig, lizards, snakes, guinea pigs, dogs, and kittens and transported them to a no-kill rescue partner. Many of the animals we brought into our rescue had severe physical ailments: eye infections, skin infections, and pneumonia resulting from water exposure, to name a few.

We also had several with anxiety-related issues from the trauma of the storm. We got multiple puppies in who were malnourished, with hair loss from neglect, including Schmidt (first photo). He is now the beloved pup of a family with children. We also got several puppy-mill dogs who were surrendered when the mill was flooded. One of them was Lola (third photo). She came to us at a year and half, having never been groomed; her fur was literally peeling her skin off. She was poorly socialized and is a resource-guarder. Due to the grant, we were able to consult a behaviorist and continue to work with her on these issues and hopefully place her in her forever home soon. Meet her:

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Kelby (fourth photo) came to us with severe skin issues as well as pneumonia. It took four rounds of antibiotic cocktails to clear up her pneumonia and skin. It was then discovered that she was deaf. She has since found her family. We were contacted by a rural shelter in the path of the storm that was desperately trying to get all their animals into rescue; if not, they would have to euthanize those still there because they were a completely outdoor facility. Kelby was only 8 weeks old and 3 lbs. She is now loved beyond measure.

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