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Bark And Roll Rescue Companions: Disaster Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Disaster relief work during the 1,000-year flood in Baton Rouge, LA. We provided care for multiple animals (a kitten found in the flood, a fawn, seven dogs) and microchips for 75 displaced dogs and cats living in the Red Cross shelter.

Our organization was able to care for an orphaned fawn (food, containment kennel) until the waters receded and it was released back to its mother in the woods. We also rescued a kitten who was found as the waters rose around Runnels School; the kitten has since been adopted. We took in seven dogs who were in the floods and had significant health issues -- from wounds that needed antibiotics and special cream to bad respiratory infections that had to be treated with multiple rounds of antibiotics.

We also provided a public service of microchipping all the animals that were displaced in the Red Cross shelter with their owners when they were evacuated. We have already helped to identify and reunite three families with their pets because of this.

We were able to spay/neuter, vaccinate and prepare six dogs to be transported to Virginia to another rescue when their foster homes were flooded. This grant also provided the financial assistance to board a couple of our dogs when their foster mom's home was under four feet of water until safe housing could be obtained.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Sebastian (first two photos) was found broken, scared and severely matted after the floods. He had an upper respiratory infection that required several rounds of antibiotics, as well as some abrasions. Due to the generosity of the disaster relief grant, we were able to quickly treat his infections and place him in our adoption program. He has since found his family, who adore him, and he has blossomed into the beloved family pet he was meant to be!

We microchipped Marley, Roscoe, Puppy Puppy, Bruno (third photo) and their friends while they were at the temporary shelter to give their family members peace of mind that if they were separated, they could be reunited. We have already provided contact information for three of the 75 animals we microchipped to reunite pets with their families that were separated during this trying time.

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