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Cat Haven: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The $2,000 Petfinder Foundation New Year, New Home grant was used to reduce or waive the adoption fees for our animals who are more difficult to adopt. The cats who were sponsored by this grant fell into several different categories, including: senior/adult cats, cats with chronic illness, cats with difficult attitude/behavior (shy, scared, hiding, etc.), long-term residents, etc. We also held a Mother's Day adoption event in which all mother cats' adoption fees were waived on May 13th.

This grant helped our organization by bringing more people through the door to meet the sponsored cats. Just like with any promotion, potential adopters were intrigued and more receptive to visiting the adoption center and adopting the sponsored cats. This grant sponsored 35 cats; 23 cats have reduced fees (from $95 to $50) and 22 cats have waived fees. So far, 15 of our sponsored cats have been adopted. The remaining 20 will always be sponsored during their stay here, even though the grant timeline has technically ended. Because this grant has sponsored 35 cats, it is helping to make room in our shelter for 35 more, thus bringing our total cats helped to 70. That means 70 cats will be saved and live happy, healthy lives!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Because Cat Haven always takes our cats back, Sugar (first and second photos) was returned to us when her adopter could no longer care for her. In her previous home, Sugar had become obese, weighing 20 lbs. Because of this, she needed a family that was willing to keep her on a weight-loss diet and exercise routine. She was also physically uncomfortable and took a longer time to warm up to visitors. Under these circumstances, many potential adopters favored her less than some of the other, younger kitties at our shelter. Because her adoption fee was waived through the Petfinder Foundation’s New Year, New Home grant, visitors had more of an incentive to give her a chance. She was finally adopted by the Chiasson family, who have given her a loving and caring home.

Bitsy (third photo) and Charlie (fourth photo) came to Cat Haven with five other adult cats after their guardian, a longtime supporter of Cat Haven, passed away from cancer. They came to us scared and confused, and took a long time to warm up to the staff, volunteers, and visitors. They wanted so badly to be loved, but needed adopters who would be willing to be patient with them.

Bitsy was an adult cat who would make a great companion for just about anyone. Charlie was an adult cat with allergies and needed a family who was willing to make accommodations to ensure his comfort. Because their fees were reduced to $50 through the Petfinder Foundation’s New Year, New Home grant, visitors had a greater incentive to be patient and give them a chance. Bitsy went home with the Gabor household and Charlie has a new family with Scott.

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