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Save One Soul: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The grant was used to pay for Raina's initial bill from the emergency room. Raina had been hit by a car. Her initial assessment included road rash, a dislocated hock, and a hip injury. Thanks to the grant, we were able to get laser treatment to help with the road rash, have repeated bandage changes for the hock and hip injury, provide her with medication and supplements to help with arthritis, purchase an orthotic and see a surgical specialist. Raina remains under our care until her injuries are entirely healed.

Without this grant, we would have struggled considerably to raise enough funds to cover all bills for Raina. This means we would not have been able to take in animals after Raina until the funds were generated. Thanks to the grant, we were able to take in one more dog since Raina.

How many pets did this grant help?

This grant paid for a large portion of Raina's bill, so it helped two pets (Raina and the dog we were able to take on due to the grant).

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

On May 14, 2019, we were contacted by one of our local veterinary hospitals about a 2-year-old female Lab mix who had been hit by a car three days earlier. The dog’s injuries included several deep flesh wounds on both hips, a fractured pelvis, a broken ankle, and severe road rash. The dog was also flea-ridden and had never received any vaccinations, as the owner could not afford even basic care. Fortunately, the owner was willing to sign the dog over to our rescue. Her emergency-room bill alone was over $1,600.

We agreed to take the case on and named the dog Raina (for Queen). Raina had to stay at the emergency room for at least one more day, until the IVs could be removed and she was able to eat again on her own. We then transferred care to our regular vet, who has been doing a number of bandage changes, re-casting of the leg, suture closure, and laser treatment of the road rash. Raina has a long way to go: The treatment for Raina’s injuries is expected to continue for at least four more weeks.

In the meantime, we are also getting her up-to-date on her vaccinations, and on flea and heartworm preventive. When she’s ready, we will also get her spayed before making her available for adoption.

Raina is in foster care, where she is getting spoiled. It was her foster who picked her name, and she did so because she was going to treat Raina as the queen that she is. Raina has already progressed from being sad and scared at the emergency hospital to a smiling dog. She is feeling much better already, and we will do all we can to get her well.

The second pet who benefited from the grant was Elvis, a 1-year-old beagle who was turned into a shelter with a skin condition. The vet determined that he had bacterial as well as fungal infections and treated them with medication. Elvis also needed to be seen by an ophthalmologist due to a dermoid in his eye. Elvis’ skin looks good now, and his foster is considering adopting him once he is released from vet care.

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