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Save A Dog Rescue: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Our rescue pulls dogs from [open-admission] shelters. Most shelters we rescue from use heartstick or gas chambers as their method of euthanasia. We had an urgent call from a shelter in Georgia that a shelter there was closing its doors on Wednesday to do a mass killing. We arranged transport from Indiana to Georgia and we brought back seven dogs. The dogs we rescued were emaciated, two were heartworm-positive and they were in poor shape. One appeared to have been burned with acid. The money received from the grant was used to supplement the cost of heartworm treatment and other medical care needed.

Without the donations and grants from wonderful organizations such as yours, we would not be able to keep rescuing. Seven dogs who needed spay/neuter, vaccinations, medications, and heartworm treatment were able to helped with this grant money.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Out of the seven rescued, Monkey and LuLu were in the worst shape. Monkey (first and second photos) is a senior yellow Lab who lived his life on a chain, we were told by the shelter when we rescued him. His owners failed to properly care for him, and when he became sick one day they took him to the [open-admission] shelter and told them to euthanize him. Monkey is 7-9 years old. Monkey had very severe heartworm disease and, with the help of the grant money, Monkey is now heartworm-free and is steadily gaining weight. We just recently put him up for adoption. We are confident he will soon find his forever home. Meet Monkey:

LuLu (third photo) is the black Lab we rescued. She was also heartworm-postive and appeared to have scars from being burned. She was extremely scared when we first rescued her. She is healthy now but it took her months and months to trust people again. I am the director of the rescue and brought her home with me. She bonded with my family and, although LuLu is available for adoption, this may change, as I may be adopting her myself. Meet LuLu:

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