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Second Chance 4 Pets Network: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The funds from the Orvis Operational Grant allowed us to purchase items specifically intended to aid bonding with our foster dogs and provide them with comfort, activity and safety. We bought dog beds for coziness as well as dog-safe stuffed toys to snuggle. We bought harnesses for the pit puppies, and four ThunderShirts in assorted sizes that are extremely beneficial to comfort and calm nervous and scared adult dogs and puppies. Dog chews and chew toys such as Hero treat balls, Bomber Balls, Kong Ballistic Ears Elephants, antlers and Nylabones provided hours of fun and relaxing independent activity. Bully sticks, multi-size beef and elk chews, boxed treats, and pig ears were special treats. One of the favorites was cheese/bacon- or peanut butter-filled bones. Group playtime was always welcomed by the pit puppies any time of the day or night. Individual play with new, insecure adult dogs encourages trust and confidence. Over time and in most cases, foster dogs acclimate socially and enjoy playing, not only with their foster families but with other dogs as well. Some of our foster dogs' favorite toys include: Kong footballs; spider rope pull toys; one-, two-, and three-knot tug toys, squeak balls, Kong balls, and throw-and-fetch toys of a variety of sizes and shapes.

The Orvis Operational Grant was a tremendous help in providing our dogs comfort, activity and security. It also could not have come at a better time. Second Chance 4 Pets Network has taken in a substantial number of dogs this year, especially since July. Aside from the dogs already in foster care and ones we rescued over the past few months, a pregnant pit-bull mix named Columbiana was rescued from Chicago Animal Control in July and she had puppies on July 28, 2017. Grant funds from Orvis allowed us to purchase numerous items specifically for the unexpected litter as well as their mom and other dogs recently relinquished to our rescue. Thanks to Orvis and the Petfinder Foundation, we were able to provide comfort to new arrivals with cozy new beds and soft cuddle toys. Chew toys and treats such as Hero Treat Balls, Nylabones, Bomber Balls, and sturdy antler and elk bones, as well as bully sticks and beef, chicken and buffalo chews provided both independent activity and relaxing recreation. Harnesses for the active pit-puppy litter provided security and added safety, especially during adoption events. ThunderShirts are perfect to comfort and calm overzealous puppies, and they work wonders to reassure and comfort nervous and frightened new foster dogs. Activity, socialization, and security, as well as loving care and companionship, is a successful formula to help our foster dogs gain confidence, adjust to their new temporary environment, and prepare them for their happy forever homes. Our goal of providing a happy, safe and comfortable environment for our fosters was met with this generous grant award.

How many pets did this grant help?

This grant specifically helped 12 foster pets: Five adult dogs and seven puppies during the 90-day award period.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

The much-appreciated grant from Orvis through the Petfinder Foundation specifically helped 12 pets. One of those pets is Columbiana, a very pregnant pit bull terrier mix whom foster mom Linda rescued from Chicago Animal Control in July 2017. Columbiana had a litter of nine pups on July 28, 2017. It was sad enough that one newborn puppy died, then heartbreaking when another one (Pocahantas) recently died during spay surgery. The other seven pups (first photo) thrived and are healthy and happy. As with all our fosters, the puppies were neutered/spayed, tested, vaccinated, and microchipped with Second Chance 4 Pets Network general operating fund money. All seven have been adopted. These miracle babies are: Abu (male), Pluto (male), Eeyore (male), Nixie (female), Piglet (female), Elsa (female), and Pumba (male). Linda and her foster family are going to miss them all but will continue to lovingly care for Columbiana until a good forever home is available for her.

Goldie is a 6-year-old female shepherd/border collie/golden retriever mix who was relinquished to us because her owners moved out of state and could not take her with them. Goldie is a darling, sweet girl and we are confident she will be adopted soon. She loved the chews and treats and, of course, the new toys.

Sisters Rolex and Timex are Chihuahua mixes born in 2009. They were relinquished to our rescue because their owner could no longer care for them. Since they are a bonded pair, they will only be adopted together. Until their perfect home becomes a reality, they will safely remain with SC4Pets Network in their wonderful, caring foster home filled with love, attention, play, and companionship.
Meet Rolex:
Meet Timex:

Darling is an adult female beagle mix who was in foster care with SC4Pets Network for quite some time. She was recently adopted by a loving family and is extremely content and happy. When our dogs go to their forever homes (after a thorough adoption-application and reference-check process), our foster families always miss them. There are tearful goodbyes, but we know that we gave them the best care possible, which was made a little easier with the support of Orvis and the Petfinder Foundation.

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