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Misty Eyes Dog Shelter & Humane Education Learning Center dba Misty Eyes Animal Center, Inc.: Bar Dog Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This $500 grant was used to purchase flea/tick and heartworm-prevention medications for dogs rescued by Misty Eyes.

All Misty Eyes pets receive routine and special-needs animal-care services (medical, dental, and behavioral) prior to adoption. Routine care includes flea/tick and heartworm preventions.

An important method for getting pets healthy is providing flea/tick and heartworm-prevention medications, a treatment recommended for all companion pets. Misty Eyes gives dogs their first dose of Iverhart and flea/tick prevention on intake. Then the dogs receive it every month until adoption to ensure their health. At times, their next dose is sent home with the new adoptive family to ensure that they are given enough time to submit the medical records to their veterinarian so they can start purchasing the preventions.

As of March 30th, we had already rescued 56 dogs for the year. Forty of these dogs were transferred from under-resourced rural communities across Indiana through our Lifesaver Pet Transfer Program. We are on track to rescue 225 dogs by year-end. Fifty percent of these will come through the Lifesaver Program. This grant helped us to continue to increase our efforts to rescue dogs from under-resourced communities in which they are at the highest risk for euthanasia.

How many pets did this grant help?

33 dogs

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

All dogs rescued by Misty Eyes receive flea/tick and heartworm preventions as part of their routine care prior to adoption. Here are two dogs who benefitted:

Adam (first three photos) is a super sweet 12-year-old Schnauzer mix who wound up in an overcrowded shelter when his owner passed away. This shelter, which is located in a rural, under-resourced Indiana community, had heard about our Lifesaver Pet Transfer Program and our Seniors Saving Seniors Program. In January 2021, they contacted us about this little man and we were happy to transport him into our organization.

Adam had quite a few medical needs when he came to us. The worst was his poor little mouth. It was just loaded with rotten teeth. He had to feel absolutely awful and that type of decay can lead to so many other problems, including infections and heart problems. We also found that he had a couple of growths that looked very suspicious and needed to be removed. Our wonderful team of veterinarians took great care of Adam. He did lose most of his teeth, but he feels so much better. The growth was removed and sent out for labs. Luckily, it was benign and he has healed up very well. Adam has now been adopted into a loving home where he can live out his years in comfort.

Francine (aka Frankie), bottom four photos: In January 2021, this beautiful, sweet, but extremely skinny pit-bull mix was found roaming the streets of Indianapolis by a good Samaritan. Three weeks later, the Samaritan brought her to Misty Eyes due to concerns about her declining condition.

We discovered that she was critically underweight, lethargic, vomiting frequently, and couldn’t keep anything down. She only weighed 24 lbs., when for her estimated age of 1-2 years, she should have weighed 40-50 lbs. We got her to an animal hospital right away. She had surgery to remove a long, black piece of fabric from her abdomen and spent three days there in recovery.

Since then, she has recovered beautifully and gained weight with the help of her foster mom, Laura. She is a loving, snuggly, and playful pup who loves to play with other dogs and cats (and humans)! In March 2021, she was adopted. She has adjusted quickly to her new family. She loves to sleep with her new dad, run around her fenced yard and the woods behind it with her family, and play with her new “brother,” Otis.

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