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White River Humane Society: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation and Orvis, 24 dogs have received DNA tests to improve their chances of adoption. DNA testing has also provided the opportunity for the owners to understand the dog better through breed characteristics and breed health. Twelve of the 24 tests have been sent in and received back with the test results. The rest of the DNA tests (12 tests) are currently waiting to be sent in and completed with the next round. All 12 tests must be completed at the same time to be sent in, and White River Humane Society is waiting to utilize the most of the tests to get the best results for those animals who need a chance at a true breed background for a better adoption.

Funds were spent on 24 DNA tests from Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel. Tests cost $50 each, totaling $1,200. The Orvis Operational Grant covered $1,000 of the tests, leaving $200 for White River Humane Society to cover. Through donations, the excess cost was covered.

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So far at White River Humane Society, of the 12 dogs that were DNA tested, four have been adopted. Pictured is Faith, who we thought was a pit bull mix. Faith is white and grey, and she has been at the shelter since June. Even though Faith has no behavioral issues, many pass her up due to the breed that she appears to be. Faith was DNA tested, and it was found that she is actually bulldog, American bulldog, and Siberian husky. In the next week, White River Humane Society will be posting Faith on Facebook and doing a poll on what members of the group think she is. Thanks will be given to the Petfinder Foundation and Orvis for this great opportunity for shelter animals to be DNA tested. Sadly, most of the test results did result in most of the dogs tested having Staffordshire terrier, even though they did not look like it. This will still present the opportunity for the new families of these dogs to understand their new dogs a little more. Meet Faith:

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