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Humane Indiana: Cat Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money from the Cat Enrichment Grant was used to buy the following items:
6x cardboard cat scratcher pad
7x training clickers
12x bubbles
5x treat dispensing toys
2x 20-piece cat toy set
10x Temptations cat treats - 16oz
24x Friskies 24-can pack wet food
200x Stretch and Scratch Cage Exercisers
3x Pounce 3-pack moist treats
4x Fancy Feast 24-pack kitten wet food
4x Feliway diffuser refill - multicat- 3pk
1x 50-pack ping pong balls
1x 300-pack of pipe cleaners
1x 60-pack rattle furry mice toys
2x catnip spray - 1 fl. oz. bottle
1x catnip tub - 1 lb

All items totaled to the full $970 awarded.

This grant helped to provide in-kennel and out-of-kennel enrichment. For in-kennel enrichment, every cat is given multiple toys and scratching posts in their cage daily. During out of kennel time, cats played inside catnip boxes and ping pong ball boxes. Many of our cats, like Theo, got a chance to stretch their paws and play with puzzle toys, clicker training and targeting -- all of which are a great ways to engage a cat's natural instincts and prevent obesity due to overeating and sedentary lifestyle.

With the cat enrichment program, we aim to make every cat's stay at the shelter as pleasant as possible by providing them outlets for instinctual behaviors. This grant allowed us to obtain supplies that stimulate the cats, relax the cats and allow human bonding. These three factors allow cats to be happier and healthier; and happier, healthier cats find homes more quickly.

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Theo is one of the long-term cats in our colony. Theo has loved playing with the catnip toys, searching for treats, and checking out all of the other awesome enrichment items that we got with the grant. Providing extra enrichment and mental stimulation is super important, but it is extra important for animals with a long length of stay, like Theo. These items have helped us to keep Theo engaged and happy during his time at the shelter, instead of stressed and scared.

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