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Brown County Humane Society: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Kong toys that we received were used to provide enrichment and play time for the dogs in our care. Our behavior specialist was also able to use the product during training sessions as rewards for the animals he was working with. In addition, it is also a great training toy for the puppies we have in our care.

Boredom is a constant issue that the dogs in our care face every day. The Kong toys you provided give our dogs a break from their boredom and allow them to get some mental stimulation during times when staff are not able to play with them. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every dog in our care receives the highest quality of life possible while waiting for their new forever home. The Kong toys allow them to be mentally stimulated and get a fun treat in the process, which is always an added bonus.

Also, using the Kong toys for the puppies we have in our care can alleviate their boredom as well as promote proper chewing habits as they continue to grow. Puppies and their chewing can always be a concern for a potential adopter, so developing the habit of our puppies playing with Kongs during times of intense chewing is something that can make life better for both puppies and their adopters further down the road.

How many pets did this grant help?

To date, it has helped over 20 dogs in our care. But we still have more Kongs to share, so in all this grant should help at least 50 dogs.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Zorro (first photo) is a dog who has been in our care for several months. Unfortunately, Zorro has a few behavioral issues our staff is working through before we find him the perfect family. After being in a shelter for an extended amount of time, a dog can decline and begin to show symptoms of boredom and this can affect their mental health. Zorro was a part of the first play group we introduced the new Kong toys to when we received your generous grant. To be able to see a dog who is usually cautious and unsure of new things be so excited about this new toy was amazing. He was all wiggles and truly enjoyed his new toy. It provided some much-needed mental stimulation and allowed him to get out some of his energy by playing with his new toy. For however long Zorro stays with us, we will ensure that he receives all the stimulation and exercise he needs, including the use of the Kong toys you donated.
UPDATE: Zorro has been adopted!

Corbin (second photo) was one of a litter of five puppies we received. He was the last puppy to be adopted and so he was without his playmates for about a week before finding his new home. The Kong toy provided him a fun, new and interesting toy to stimulate his mind as well as promote the proper chewing habits he needed in his new home. Being able to chew on his Kong toy helped Corbin to learn not to chew on other items in his foster parents’ home. Also, by sending this toy home with him, it also gave him something familiar when he met his new family, which helped to reduce his stress level during the first few days in a new environment.
UPDATE: Corbin has been adopted!

Chloe (third photo), a foxhound mix, has also been adopted.

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