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Rescue Tails Animal Welfare: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We used the money to help pay for the medical tests we needed for a new paralyzed dog we took in to our rescue. We needed to do a full blood panel, urinalysis, vaccines and a general medical exam. He was given away in a laundry basket on a free site to a woman who realized he needed more care than she could manage. We stepped in and are taking it from there.

We are in the middle of Covid with more dogs coming in and less money than ever. We needed to get his base medical done to establish the care level he needs and what we need to do to provide it.

How many pets did this grant help?

This helped a single dog, Winston.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Winston is a 7-year-old paralyzed dog who was posted on a few free sites. A woman took him in, only to realize his medical needs exceeded her capacity. She reached out for a rescue and we stepped in. With little to no funds coming in during Covid, we really were grateful to have some money to help fund his baseline blood and urine tests. We also needed to get him vaccinations and a general overall health assessment. We suspect he may need a wheel cart in his future now that we know more about him. He has a ways to go before he is available for adoption. We want to have him assessed by our neurochiropractor to see if he will be able to walk in the future. Once we have exhausted all chances to get him mobile, we will begin a search for his forever family!

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