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Anderson Animal Shelter: Build-A-Bear Youth Humane Education Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant was to help enrich current humane-education programs. By enriching the current programs, which incorporate lessons about animal welfare, the reach of the humane-education programs will increase. By enriching the humane-education offering, more children will engage with the shelter and learn about animal welfare. Studies have shown that when children are exposed to animal-welfare concepts, this develops their capacity for empathy. Empathy, or emotional intelligence, has been shown to be an important attribute possessed by successful individuals. We agree with the Build-ABear Workshop and Petfinder Foundation that there is nothing more important than educating and inspiring the next generation to care for and love pets at an early age. The funds received have been used for supplies to enrich and improve humane-education at Anderson Animal Shelter.

During the past three months, the humane-education department has engaged in six outreach events to promote humane education. By purchasing supplies to attend multiple outreach events in the community, Anderson Animal Shelter is able to enrich and expand the reach of humane education, as specified in the original application. The hope is to have the capacity to attend multiple events at the same time utilizing staff and volunteers, coupled with the supplies that were purchased with this grant. Supplies to enrich humane-education outreach include carts, banners, shirts, storyboards for presentations, and tablecloths. Pocket folders were purchased to keep handouts in good condition. As children increasingly become accustomed to technology being incorporated into their educational experience, laptops were also purchased to aid in making presentations dynamic and engaging. Lastly, giveaway items promoting humane education at Anderson Animal Shelter were obtained. This will also increase the reach and visibility of humane-education programs by ensuring that children and families have items that remind them of the programs and contact information. Improving the quality of the humane-education programs was also an integral component to how this grant was utilized. To that end, the humane educator will enroll in an professional-development program offered by the Humane Society of the United States to become a certified humane educator. With a professional development opportunity such as this, the credibility of humane education at Anderson Animal Shelter will increase. Furthermore, to support the quality work of the humane-education department, miscellaneous office supplies were purchased. Supplies were also purchased directly for the children enrolled in on-site and off-site educational programs. Children in humane-education programs also received/will receive t-shirts promoting animal-welfare concepts. Items for junior first-aid class were purchased. Crafts that benefit the animals were made, such as teaser wands with wooden dowels, eye pins and shoelaces. Cat cork toys were completed with feathers, pipe cleaners, and donated corks. Additional teaser toys were purchased to enhance cat interaction during youth shelter tours. Utilizing cat-teaser toys increases safety for the children and decreases the stress for the cats. Whiteboards and accompanying supplies were purchased to aid in on-site presentation and education programs. The humane-education department also received animal-themed books and games for children to engage with. Lastly, as part of the holiday-themed day camp, animal-themed ornaments were purchased and pizza was ordered.

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We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Build-A-Bear Workshop, the Petfinder Foundation, and its board of directors. Anderson Animal Shelter is thrilled to be able to provide high-quality humane education and youth outreach with the support of this grant. As the supplies will offer a continued benefit, we plan to provide additional pictures, social media, and newsletter attention to Build-A-Bear Workshop and the Petfinder Foundation. We agree with Build-A-Bear Workshop and the Petfinder Foundation that there is nothing more important than educating and inspiring the next generation to care for and love pets at an early age. The Anderson Animal Shelter is extremely appreciative of the support that this grant provided.

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