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Partners for Pets Humane Society: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Petfinder Foundation awarded Partners for Pets funding to incentivize the adoption of a hard-to-place senior dog available through our rescue.

This grant is allowing Partners for Pets to not only waive the adoption fee for Tanner but to also provide Tanner's adopter the medication needed to manage Tanner's anxiety and to seek routine training for Tanner once he is placed into the home.

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Tanner was rescued from euthanasia at our local animal control, Madison County Animal Care & Control in Edwardsville, Ill., in September of 2018. Upon rescue, Tanner was found to be reactive to other dogs and cats and not suitable for a home with small children. Unfortunately, together with his age, breed, and size, this makes Tanner an extremely hard-to-place animal.

Partners for Pets has worked very hard to keep Tanner happy while in our care, providing one-on-one enrichment training, field trips (second photo), and even overnight stays with our volunteers. Tanner is a wonderful dog whom our staff is very much in love with and, despite his length of stay, just cannot give up on.

We know there is a home out there for Tanner and hope that, by incentivizing his adoption with training, necessary medication, and a waived adoption fee, someone will give him the chance he needs.

Unfortunately Tanner is still awaiting his special person. We are doing everything we can to continue to promote his adoption and appreciate the help of the Petfinder Foundation to make sure Tanner’s special day is certain to arrive. You can meet Tanner here.

From Facebook, Oct. 14, 2021: “Are you looking for a little extra sunshine in your life? Someone who is always in a good mood? Tanner knows just what kind of smile it takes to help you stay paw-sitive.

“This Sept. 12 marked Tanner’s third year without a place to call home besides P4P. That’s 1,095 days without a home of his own… and he STILL manages to stay this smiley?? What a dog, amiright?!

“Tanner is 8.5 years old, but he’s not ready to slow down just yet! He has a zest for life and is so eager to please his people. Won’t you give him a chance to win your heart over?

“Not only is Tanner’s adoption fee fully sponsored, but he is also a recipient of a Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant awarded by the Petfinder Foundation that will cover six months of his daily fluoxetine, plus additional training post-adoption! Tanner is neutered, microchipped and current on all vaccines, and he just wants to finally go home.”

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