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Shih Tzu Rescue Adoption & Education Safehouse (S.T.R.A.E.S.): Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Angel has been under the care of a veterinary-dermatology specialist since late November 2016. She is not yet ready for adoption; the vet who is caring for her will let us know when we can make her available to the public. Her skin is now free of infection, but it is still sensitive to re-infection through exposure to unsanitary hands. She receives a medicated rub-down every other day to reduce skin bacteria and yeast and she is eating a good, healthy diet with immune-strengthening supplements. The cost of medications and veterinary visits for Angel currently stand at well over $5,000.

The $67.50 we received through the Sponsor a Pet program was used to help pay for Angel's medical expenses.

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Angel is a really sweet 10-lb. female Shih Tzu born in 2014, with what will one day be a lovely, soft, non-shedding black-and-white coat. She was suffering from Demodex mange, a yeast infection and various other immune-threatening ills; she had smelly, hairless, itchy red skin, was raw and bloody from constant scratching, her body was swollen and inflamed, and what little hair she had was sparse, flea-ridden, filthy, and matted into dreadlocks. Her little face was covered with gruesome sores, and even her tail was black and infected. The shelter quickly realized that Angel was desperately in need of urgent emergency care, so they immediately called the Safehouse.

In spite of her horrid condition, this absolutely darling little Shih Tzu was wagging her tail and her precious (infected) soulful eyes looked at us with heart-wrenching love. Initially, I wrapped her in a soft towel so I could hold her close without hurting her because Angel needed to know she was safe and loved (she is soooo snuggly — she just cuddles right into your arms!). In spite of her discomfort and pain, Angel is a typical fun-loving, playful Shih Tzu with a friendly, loving personality.

She is on medication, receives several medicated baths a week and is eating a good, healthy diet with immune-strengthening supplements. She is already showing improvement but has a long recovery road ahead. Every time she looks up at us with those happy eyes and wags and wags that tail, she reminds us how forgiving dogs can be. Angel should be healthy enough for adoption after the first of the year (although her beautiful coat may take another year to come back). She is an amazing girl, truly a delight, and we are so lucky to have her.

Our dogs are made available for adoption only after they have had a comprehensive physical and received a clean bill of health. Angel’s future as a normal, happy, beloved pet has already begun, and once she is available for adoption, she will need no special care. Angel is spayed, has a microchip, is current on all vaccines, heartworm and flea/tick preventative, and has had a complete physical and dental.

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