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West Valley Humane Society: P.L.A.Y. Pet Beds Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We at West Valley Humane Society requested and were granted 10 Chill Pad pet mats that were used to help our canine friends keep warm this winter!

This product came at the best time! Our boiler, which radiates heat from the floor, broke down in December. And the shelter does not have a conventional roof -- it's made out of heavy plastic tarp. Combined with the single-digit temperatures and the most snowfall we've had here in Idaho since 1985, it made for a very frigid stay for our shelter dogs. We used the Chill Pads (the warm side) and propane heaters and loaded them up with blankets to keep the dogs as warm as possible until the boiler could be replaced. Without the Chill Pads, our poor dogs would have been miserable lying on a gelid floor! We thank you from the bottom of our "paws" for your help and support!!!

How many pets did this grant help?

These pet mats were rotated out mostly between older and small-breed dogs in dog adoptions and cleaned daily during the month the boiler was broken. I don't know the exact number of animals that have used this product but the impact has been immeasurable! As you can see from our photos, we continue to use these mats.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Roxy (first photo) is a spry 14-year-old dog! She loves people and belly rubs and doesn’t mind being in a new environment. However, she is still in her senior years, and the cold makes it harder to work the kinks out of her old bones. The Chill Pad works to keep the warmth next to her while she rests, making it a little easier for her to get back up, explore, visit and play fetch while awaiting her new forever home. UPDATE Feb. 12, 2017: Roxy has been adopted!

Riley (second photo) is a shy 2-year-old who is timid and sweet, loving and playful! Being here at the shelter has been a little overwhelming for him. He is being socialized by a member of the staff and a Chill Pad has been laid out for him to nap on. It provides him with warmth, comfort and familiarity while he learns to navigate life here at the shelter. Meet Riley:

Esmeralda (third photo) is an older, very shapely 9-year-old feline who really just likes to lie around. The Chill Pad keeps her comfortable to do what she loves most.

Leona (fourth photo — look at that face) is a happy, playful, energetic, friendly and affectionate 2-year-old dog! She looks like a spokesdoggie/model for the Chill Pad, doesn’t she? After a full day of visitors, walking and playing ball, it’s good to relax on a nice bed. Meet Leona:

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