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PAWS of Greene County: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The sponsorship was given to us by one of the dog's previous owners, who saw her on Petfinder and knew she was her dog but she couldn't keep her. She wanted to help, though, and the money was to be used to supplement the adoption fee for Xena, a pit bull terrier.

This money lowered the adoption fee on Xena, and helped her new adopters out a little bit.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Xena came to us as an owner surrender — the owner said she was aggressive to other dogs and he couldn’t handle her any more. She was at the shelter for a few months and went into our foster-care system. We learned a lot about Xena with this family, especially that she was not aggressive at all! All was going great until the foster family split up, and they could no longer keep Xena. So back she came to us. She was, once again, a gorgeous pitty left in the shelter — another casualty of the problems of humans! While she was here the second time with us, someone notified us that we had “her dog.” Now, this was the second time that someone had called and told us that Xena was “their dog,” so I found this quite strange. To make a long story short, Xena has had several owners in her life. One of her previous owners had to give her up due to life circumstances, which happens to the best of families. Xena then went to two other people (one of those being her sponsor) before she made her way to PAWS. When we got the second call, we had some investigating to do. The stories from the people we spoke with via telephone all matched up, and low and behold, Xena is now back with her original owner! They identified her by some markings and scars she had when she came to them years before. Needless to say, Xena has had an interesting life, but she is none the worse for the wear! In typical pit-bull fashion, she has taken all that life offered her — all that we humans have put upon her — with grace, dignity and love! She has been welcomed back into her home, with her mom, dad and five (I believe) human brothers and sisters. She is doing very well, and is finally back in her forever home. This has been one of my more memorable adoptions to work with, and I’m very happy that this was a happy ending!

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