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It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant helped pay for emergency medical care for one very sick 3-month-old pup named Cooper. This was a very large, unexpected medical bill for our organization and we deeply appreciate the help we received from you so Coop could get the care he needed and make a full recovery.

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Cooper came to It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources on a transport out of a high-intake shelter in Oklahoma.

Upon intake, he appeared healthy, but two days later he was having trouble breathing and had to be admitted to Blue Pearl pet hospital.

There, he was diagnosed with severe, infectious pneumonia and two underlying viruses which were the cause of the pneumonia. He was placed on an IV and antibiotics and, when he was strong enough to breathe on his own, he went to live with his medical foster while he recovered.

The wonderful news is that on Friday, Coop was finally medically cleared for adoption. His medical foster family had, in the meantime, fallen in love with the dashing Mr. Cooper and decided that his foster home was his forever home. Cooper has found his happily ever after, and he looks pretty pleased about it!

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