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Fur Fun Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Emergency Medical Grant of $500 was used to help defray emergency medical expenses incurred by us for Leo, a 7 lb. bichon frise.

The grant helped our organization pay $7,161 in emergency medical expenses for a dog named Leo. After being run over by a car, Leo was surrendered to our care because his owner could not afford the necessary surgeries to fix his many broken bones.

The surgeries, funded in part by the grant, saved Leo from euthanasia. They were successfully performed. Leo was medically cleared for adoption at his eight-week post-op medical check by the surgeon who performed the surgeries.

How many pets did this grant help?


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This fall, our rescue got an urgent call from an advanced-care pet hospital. Leo, who had been brought in to the hospital by his owner, had just been run over by a car. Not only did he have one broken bone, he actually had FIVE broken bones!

Leo was facing the need for immediate, multiple surgeries that his owner could not afford. The pet hospital called our rescue right away. They knew we were passionate about caring for dogs with medical needs, AND we had two critical resources for such care. We would pay all of our medical bills (and Leo’s hospital stay would be expensive), plus we also had foster families who were experienced in post-operative care. This would involve restricted activity after surgery and physical therapy to regain mobility.

Fur Fun Rescue said absolutely, we would take over Leo’s care, so he was surrendered to us so that we could save his life. The alternative that day would have been euthanasia.

Two surgeries were performed on little Leo. The first fixed his left elbow and two left pelvic fractures. The next day, the second surgery fixed a right pelvic fracture and right broken hip.

After his surgeries, Leo was placed in the home of one of our experienced foster families. There, for the next eight weeks, he was watched carefully during his recovery and healing. During this time, our foster mom introduced Leo to several of her neighbors who were good friends (and also dog lovers). And as sometimes happens, one of them fell in love with Leo and wanted to adopt him! His adoption was completed on Nov. 20, 2021.

This adopter is a dream come true for both Leo and our rescue. She was no stranger to our rescue. She had previously adopted two other little white fluffy dogs from us. We knew Leo would be going to an excellent home and would be a happy part of his new dog pack.

You can see this in two of the photos we have uploaded: one of Leo in his new dog pack, and one of Leo in his mom’s arms, taken the day his adoption was finalized. While we talked with his new mom about how Leo was adjusting to his new home, Leo just naturally laid his head on her chest! He truly loves his new mom.

Leo’s adopter is special to us for another reason. Last year, her employer held a giveaway contest to benefit local nonprofits. Employees could nominate their favorite charities, and our adopter nominated us. We won a prize of $2,000! This year, the same contest was held again, and our adopter nominated us for a second year in a row. Amazingly, we’ve won another large prize this year, too! How fortunate can a rescue be to have such appreciative adopters who go out of their way to give back to a rescue that has provided them with dogs they love so much!

And now Leo has captured the hearts of his new family. What a lucky dog!

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