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Panora P.E.T.S.: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Given to the adopter of a senior kitty who had been treated for cancer.

It allowed our organization to financially assist a senior kitty's adopter with future vet visits if the cancer he was previously treated for returned.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

The following is a posting we did about Yager. We had already applied for a $1,000 Petfinder Foundation grant a few weeks prior to the post since he is a senior kitty and had been treated for an aggressive form of cancer. We believed he had a very limited chance for adoption and hoped that if some financial assistance was available to his adopter in the event that his cancer returned, it would increase his chance for adoption. As it turned out, a wonderful adopter opened her heart to him without ever knowing about the grant.

March 13, 2020 Facebook post: Yager doesn’t believe that Friday the 13th can be as unlucky as all the bad luck he has had. He’s a senior who is missing a front leg and was turned outside in the middle of winter to fend for himself after his owner died. Oh, and did we mention that his one front paw is declawed and that he had a large growth near his back leg? How’s that for some bad luck?!

Although Yager was thin, scared, and filthy when he got to us, none of that kept him from being amazingly friendly and sweet. He showed his gratitude for being inside where it was safe and warm with oodles and oodles of purrs and head bumps. He settled right in, began putting on weight, and groomed his dirty coat until it shined.

As it turned out, the growth on his back leg was an aggressive form of cancer and was successfully removed. He is in good health now and does very well with just three legs (including using the litterbox without issue). Yager is the most gentle and loving kitty and he is extremely easy to take care of. He gets along easily with other kitties, and although we haven’t seen him interact with dogs, his purr-sonality seems to suggest that he would do fine after a proper introduction.

He minds his own business and prefers to sleep on the bottom rung of the kitty tree and loves to be brushed as he rolls around on his back. And he still has some spunk when batting at the kitty wand, pawing at the laser light, and tossing around some catnip toys as well! Yager is approximately 10-11 years old and is neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. He sports a cute-as-can-be black-and-white tuxedo coat and eyes that stare at you with love and admiration. ❤️

We did a follow up Facebook post on July 9, 2020: In June we were contacted by the Petfinder Foundation about the status of our still-pending grant application. We told them that Yager had been adopted but if we were awarded the grant, our intention was to give it to his adopter for future veterinary care and treatment. A few days later, we received word that our application had been approved and we would be receiving a $1,000 grant! We happily sent Yager’s adopter the check accompanied by a letter explaining the grant and received a lovely response back.

She shared that Yager is doing wonderful and is such a great kitty. He minds his own business, comes for loves, and is very tidy. He talks quite a bit and loves to head-bonk at the weirdest times. She went on to say that he sleeps between the pillows on the bed every night and occasionally will reach out to touch her face with his one front paw. She thanked us for letting her adopt him and noted that it turned out that she needed him as much as he needed her.

Her response concluded by saying that she appreciated the grant money, and fortunately, was not in a position to need it, but understood the uncertainty of his future health. She decided to donate a portion of the money back to us to be used in assisting another senior kitty find a home. We couldn’t be more appreciative of her generosity and for knowing that Yager found such a wonderful home. We are also so thankful to the Petfinder Foundation for awarding the grant and making this heartwarming story possible.

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