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South Georgia Equine Rescue, Inc.: Bar Dog Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant helped us cover some of our vet expenses at Trail Ridge Veterinary Services in Hoboken, Ga., on a newly pulled senior pit bull who was very sick and needed medical care. We pulled Blake from Long County Animal Control in Ludowici, Ga.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

About the same time that we recieved the Bar Dog Operation grant, we pulled an older male pit bull from Long County Animal Control who was in need of medical help. He was urinating blood, throwing up, and had a chronic skin condition as well as eye infections from untreated entropion that had lead to partial blindness.

He is the sweetest old guy and, once pulled, was immediately neutered at Peachstate Animal Rescue Foundation in Jesup, Ga. There it was determined that he was also heartworm-positive. I picked him up the following day and took him straight to my vet, where they did a urinalysis and determined he had a major UTI.

He was given an ultrasound and found to have multiple lesions on his prostate from not being neutered. He also had a full panel of bloodwork done; his kidney values were very high and he was anemic. We are working to slowly fix all of these issues.

He is coming along slowly. We had a couple of setbacks which led us to do a full body x-ray, as he was showing major signs of unexplained pain all of a sudden, which then went away without treatment.

He is currently finishing a four-week round of antibiotics and is on daily pain management for arthritis. He will be going back soon to have another ultrasound on his prostate to see if meds need to be continued.

We thank Bar Dog for the help so that we could help Blake a little more easily. He has a long way to go but we are determined to give him an easy time for the rest of his days! We appreciate the opportunity to be chosen for this grant and look forward to future opportunities.

We hope that Blake will get well enough to find his new home, but he is currently not available until all of his medical issues are resolved.

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