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All About Cats: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant was requested to help us find a forever home for two senior cats who came to us after their owner, a former rescuer, died and her son surrendered her cats to a county shelter.

All About Cats has invested more than $5,000 in their care to date. At this time Midnight and Charm are still waiting for their forever home; the funds from this grant will make it easier to place them in a forever home and allow us to make space to save more cats.

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Midnight and Charm’s owner, a former rescuer, died and her son surrendered her cats to a county shelter. Midnight and Charm had ringworm and needed dental care, including multiple extractions. Charm also had skin issues that require medication and a special diet.

Charm and Midnight’s medical care cost our small rescue more than $5,000. As a result of our investment in them, they should only require routine veterinary care, along with prescription food, when they go to their forever home.

While Midnight and Charm have not been adopted yet, the money set aside from this grant will make it easier for the right person to say yes to them.

Charm and Midnight are now in the adoption center at our PetSmart location and are beginning to get a lot of attention. We think it’s just a matter of time before this sweet pair find their forever home.

Meet Midnight here.

Meet Charm here.

UPDATE April 14, 2023: We are thrilled to report that Charm and Midnight were adopted together at the end of February (last two photos). We were contacted by a woman named Jan who lived 1.5 hours away. She is a retired widow who doesn’t have access to the internet, but her neighbor knew she was looking for a cat, so she used Petfinder to search for long-haired cats. Her cat of several years had passed a few months before, and she was ready to adopt a new cat.

She found a handful of cats in Georgia with the look that Jan preferred. Most of the cats were over two hours away from her, one was close to her, and one was another cat of our rescue’s (not Charm or Midnight). She reached out to the rescue closest to her and she did not get a response.

She called our rescue next, and we spoke to her about different cats in our rescue that could be a good fit for her. The more we spoke, the more we realized Charm and Midnight would be the purrfect fit. Charm is a lap cat, which is what she really wanted, and Midnight has long hair, which is the kind of look she prefers. We explained their medical history and their grant through your organization, and Jan was very grateful. She told us she would think about it for a few days and let us know.

She called us back two days later and told us she would like to proceed with the adoption of Midnight and Charm. She had not seen what they looked like, but she trusted our description of their markings, fur, and personalities. We offered to take them to her house so she wouldn’t have to make the trip to us, and she accepted.

We took Midnight and Charm to her home, and she had everything set up for them. We talked through the specifics of their special diet and Charm’s medicine, and she said she would be happy to continue with everything they need. She also made an appointment with her vet to have them checked out and to continue any additional care suggested by her personal vet.

She’s called us twice since then to tell us they are doing well and are so loved. Charm is the most outgoing of the two during the day, and they both sleep with her at night. She has since had her family over to visit them, and everyone loves these two cats.–Brandi Steinberg, volunteer

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