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PAWS Atlanta, Inc.: Dog Field Trip/Short-Term Fostering Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Through this grant, we were able to provide seven dogs with the opportunity to participate in our last off-site Wags N’ Walks program of the fall season.

This volunteer-based dog field-trip program was created to connect the community with the dogs of PAWS Atlanta. The funding from the grant provided seven bright “Adopt Me” leashes, bringing much-needed visibility to dogs who are looking for their forever homes.

We also purchased numerous harnesses and collars in varying sizes to ensure that all participating dogs look their absolute best when meeting potential adopters or foster families, and so they can be safely and securely walked throughout the community.

Dogs who are selected to participate in this program must be comfortable with people, other dogs, novelty (bikes/scooters), and new surroundings. We do try our best to match the experience level of the volunteer with an appropriate dog.

The dogs who participated in our November Wags N’ Walks were:

1. Bully – 9 years, 3 months old; Retriever Mix; arrived at PAWS Atlanta in February 2020; Status: In Foster, Available for Adoption
2. Elizabeth – 1 year, 6 months old; Mixed Breed; arrived at PAWS Atlanta in September 2022; Status: At Shelter, Available for Adoption
3. Jo Lab-riola – 10 months old; Retriever Mix; arrived at PAWS Atlanta in October 2022; Status: In Foster, Available for Adoption
4. Marie Curie – 1 year old; Shepherd Mix; arrived at PAWS in February 2022 (Adopted in April 2022, Returned in September 2022 due to lifestyle change); Status: At Shelter, Available for Adoption
5. Ravenclaw – 1 year, 2 months old; Alaskan Husky; arrived at PAWS in July 2022; Status: Adopted
6. Toby – 9 months old; Mixed Breed; arrived at PAWS in June 2022; Status: Adopted
7. Zeus – 11 months old; Mixed Breed; arrived at PAWS in September 2022; Status: In Foster, Available for Adoption

We received this generous grant on Oct. 18, 2022, and held one Wags N’ Walks after our supplies arrived, assisting seven dogs. However, in a typical year we run this program six times.

The supplies purchased through our grant are an investment since they will continue to help shelter pups any time the program is hosted, as these harnesses, collars, and leashes will be exclusively used for Wags N’ Walks. Each Wags N’ Walk will have anywhere from six to 12 dogs, ranging from 36-72 dogs helped in a year.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Ravenclaw (first photo) found her way to PAWS Atlanta in July 2022, when she was brought to us from Calhoun County Animal Control. After receiving a clean bill of health, all of her vaccinations, and her spay surgery, this sweet girl was ready to go home.

Ravenclaw waited week after week to find her forever family. Fortunately, she knew that her family was out there; it was just a matter of time. Until that day came, she would secure her spot as a staff and volunteer favorite. As an energetic 1-year-old Alaskan husky, Ravenclaw was always up for fun in our off-leash play yards and taking a walk on our wooded dog walking trail.

She participated in three Wags N’ Walks field trips and received lots of attention from everyone she met (second photo). The volunteers who walked her LOVED her and were so surprised that she wasn’t yet adopted.

Two weeks after her last field trip, Ravenclaw struck gold! She was adopted by an adoring family that was looking to find a doggie-companion for their other two canines. About Ravenclaw (now Raven), her adopters had the following to share:

“Raven is the sweetest girl! We have six kids, and she has two fur brothers. She loves our kids dearly. She is learning so fast! She hates when her puppy brother cries and does everything she can to protect him (third photo). She loves car rides and walks every day with daddy. Raven is exactly who we needed in our family.”

Through her participation in our Wags N’ Walks program, we learned that she was comfortable around children, loved going on adventures, and did great with any new dogs she met. The program helped us learn valuable information that helped Ravenclaw find her loving, forever home. When Ravenclaw participated in our program, her heart of gold and rock-steady character shined brightly, helping to find a soft place to land for the rest of her days ahead.

Nine-year-old Bully (fourth photo) has so many friends at PAWS Atlanta. If you met him, you would know how true this statement is: Bully is a friend to everyone he meets, including strangers, cats, dogs, and kids.

He came to us in late February 2020 after his owner passed away. During his stay at the shelter, we discovered that Bully had been battling inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), which had been exacerbated by the shelter environment.

Fortunately, through medication, a specialized diet, and a loving, long-term foster home, Bully’s health has returned to normal. He’s being spoiled with love and attention every single day. With his medication and specialized diet, Bully’s monthly expenses are significantly more than the average dog’s, which has been his one and only prohibiting factor in finding his forever home. His biggest fan is his foster, who consistently provides us with only good things to say about him.

Bully’s foster needed to travel for work and Bully came back to the shelter for a temporary stay. Our Wags N’ Walks event took place while he was boarding, and it was an easy choice to have him participate in this field trip.

Bully happily hopped into his crate for his journey and bounded with the biggest smile to meet his volunteer for his morning adventure (fifth photo). On his walk, his volunteer said that Bully’s naturally happy disposition and loving personality made him a big people magnet! All morning, he had many folks stopping to say hello and pet him.

By participating in Wags N’ Walks, Bully was able to gain exposure to potential adopters who might not otherwise have seen him while he was in his foster home. He was able to have a morning of fun and exercise, which not only gave him the opportunity to make new friends (as he loves to do) along the Atlanta BeltLine, but to have a reprieve from the shelter environment that he remembers being full of uncertainty and stress.

Bully had a great time and was thoroughly exhausted after his field trip. He returned to the shelter that afternoon and had a long, much-needed nap, dreaming of his next adventure. Bully is still available for adoption. You can meet Bully here.

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