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Releash Atlanta: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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In July 2023, a rural county Animal Control got a call about an adult dog living in a chicken coop. The poodle, Maxie, was underweight, matted, and neglected, but very sweet. Releash Atlanta stepped in and rescued her.

During vetting, it was revealed that Maxie was heartworm-positive and also suffered from numerous conditions including an ear infection, a “kiwi-sized” mass on her ovary, and entropion, requiring eye surgery to prevent blindness.

Although our supporters donated generously for her treatment, the total amount was beyond their resources. Fortunately, our appeal to the Petfinder Foundation was granted and we were able to give Maxie the emergency medical care she deserved.

Maxie was fostered and then adopted out to a loving couple who are seeing that she lives her best possible life.

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