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All About Animals Rescue: Disaster Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

In the early morning hours of 10/17/13, our facility was broken into and someone let out nearly 40 of our dogs from their kennels. As you can imagine fights amongst that many dogs ensued, killing 3 of our beloved dogs and injuring many more. Eight of our dogs were severely injured, some even with life threatening wounds. The generous grant from the Petfinder foundation was used to pay our unexpected vet bills that we incurred as a result of this terrible tragedy.

All About Animals Rescue is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on donations from our supporters as well as grants. The vet bills that we incurred as a result of the break in were unexpected vet expenses. By receiving this grant, we were able to pay off the vets bills of the 8 dogs that were severely injured.

How many pets did this grant help?

The Petfinder foundation disaster grant helped 8 dogs that required medical care.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

We have included 4 pictures of some of the dogs that the Petfinder foundation disaster grant helped. The very first picture is a collage of Mic, an 8-9 year old bulldog/boxer mix, right after the break in and fights. How he survived his injuries is more than anyone can fathom. Mic had to have extensive surgery which left him with a big scar on his side. Mic is still with us at our All About Animals facility enjoying his golden years and being treated like the king of kings that he is. He certainly has a strong will to live as Mic was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer but one could never tell that he is sick. He has gained about 10-15 pounds and enjoys living in our office and getting multiple walks daily.rnThe second photo collage is of our sweet and gentle girl Ansley. At the time of the break in, we had had her for almost 18 months. She is a very sweet and gentle girl who suffered from a lot of facial wounds during the tragic fights. She like many of our severely injured dogs spent five days with the vet so that her wounds could be cleaned daily ensuring that infection would not set in. After 5 days under vet care, she came back to her home where we tended to her daily to make sure her wounds stayed cleaned. Right before Christmas, Santa Claus came early in the form of Ansley’s new forever home where she is loved and spoiled on a daily basis. rnThe 3rd photo collage is that our our sweet, mellow, and gentle boy, Asher. Like Ansley, he suffered from a lot of facial wounds and spent 5 days with the vet so that his wounds could be cleaned daily. When our dogs started coming back to our facility, we asked the public for help in the form of temporary foster care so that our injured dogs could recuperate in a loving home. Asher was one of the many dogs that went into temporary foster. Once he was in foster and started healing, you could see all the bite marks he had on his face and upper torso. His foster family fell in love with him and couldn’t bear to part with him so within a week, Asher went from being injured to finding his forever loving home.rnThe last photo is our of gentle giant, Lionel. Lionel spent nearly 2 weeks at the vet’s office due to his wounds. After spending the weekend at the vet where it was determined that his leg nor hip was broken, we thought Lionel would be coming back to his home with us at All About Animals. However, after receiving a whirlpool bath, the vet discovered that Lionel had a puncture wound on his neck. The wound was so big that you could put your hand inside the wound and emergency surgery was required to close it. Once Lionel released from the vet, he went into temporary foster care for 2 weeks so that his neck could heal. Lionel is back with us at our facility still looking for his forever home but until that day comes he is loved by his many supporters. rn

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