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Georgia Jack Russell Rescue: Grant Report

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This is a senior-pet adoption grant for Buttons, a lovely older "lady" who is blind but fearless!

Buttons has been on a trial adoption period this past month and we are happy to say that her paperwork will be completed next Monday. We were so very lucky to find and be found by an adopter who has the willingness and the skill to take on a blind senior, and even more so that the family dogs have happily accepted Buttons, and she, them.

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Buttons is a wonderfully sweet dog who has been blind for some time. Nothing can be done for her sight and she requires ongoing medication to keep her eyes comfortable, but she does not let anything slow her down. She is willing and ready to walk anywhere and smell the roses, the beach or the sidewalk. She recently completed an adoption trial and fits in nicely with her new family. As soon as they return from a short trip, we will make the adoption official! We are so happy to have found this special girl a special place where she can enjoy a new family of both people and dogs.

Because her adoption is not final until Jan. 20, you can still see her Petfinder profile here.

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