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Safe Pet Project: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

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The Kia Pet Adoption Grant helped Safe Pet Project cover medical costs for dogs rescued from local Animal Control to be trained and socialized and before placement in the Rescued Program at Colwell Detention Center.

In the Rescued Program, the dogs are paired with detainees in a 12-week program. The program's goal is to give the detainees the tools they need to break the cycle of incarceration. The dogs facilitate the learning by indirectly showing detainees how to treat others and by demonstrating unconditional love.

At graduation, many detainees adopt the dog they have trained at no cost to them. If a detainee is unable to adopt, the dog is offered for adoption outside of the Rescued Program.

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Hokie, a gorgeous chocolate Lab mix with a white star on his chest, was rescued by Safe Pet Project’s No Paws Left Behind Program when he was scheduled for euthanasia at the local animal control facility.

After arriving at our partner veterinary facility and being assessed, he was determined to be a good fit for the Rescued Program. Turns out, Hokie was a model participant in the program!

Hokie’s handler in the program was unable to adopt, so Hokie was brought back into the No Paws Left Behind Program and quickly placed in a trial adoption. Just days into the trial, the family already knew Hokie (now Teddy) was meant to be a part of their family forever.

He’s living the good life on a beautiful mountaintop outside of Murphy, North Carolina, and even goes to work every day with his new dad so he’s never alone. His adoption was finalized Jan. 25, 2023!

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