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Dahlonega-Lumpkin County Humane Society dba TLC Humane Society: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant helped us reduce or fully cover the adoption fees of 11 animals in our care! We used this towards animals with medical issues and those who have been with us for a long time.

Maddie – reduced adoption fee by $100 and she has been adopted!
Cyrus – fully sponsored adoption fee with $200
Rocco – fully sponsored adoption fee with $200
Topaz – reduced adoption fee by $100 and she has been adopted!
Colt James – reduced adoption fee by $100 and he has been adopted!
DeDe – fully sponsored adoption fee with $200 and she has been adopted!
Oso – reduced adoption fee by $100
Caramel – reduced adoption fee by $100 and she has been adopted!
Honey – reduced adoption fee by $100 and she has been adopted!

Thomas – fully sponsored adoption fee with $100
Selina – fully sponsored adoption fee with $150

Six out of the 11 animals this grant helped have been adopted so far. This is huge, especially since these animals had not had much interest in them. Being able to reduce or fully cover their adoption fees with this grant made a huge difference. THANK YOU!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

This grant helped DeDe get adopted! DeDe is a senior dog with some skin issues that require daily medication. She was with us for six months before she was adopted. We were able to use the funds from this grant to fully sponsor DeDe’s adoption fee, which was super beneficial for a dog who was going to require lifelong medication paid for by her adopters. Below is the story from DeDe’s adopters, and the photos show her in her new home.

“I cannot believe it has almost been two months since I adopted this sweet little girl, DeDe June Louise Brown. Why the two middle names? That is a tradition that my sister started. June is in honor of Olive, a sweet three-legged dog whom my friend Bird adopted from TLC Humane Society a couple of years back and who has since passed away, and Louise in honor of Gypsy, my sister Anna’s dog.

“I had been telling everyone that I was thinking about adopting a dog, but did not know if it was the right time or if I had the money to do so. Then one of my co-workers adopted a dog, Muffin, from TLC. She and two more of my co-workers who had gone with her to look at Muffin had seen DeDe and told me about her and that we should meet. Next, my sister, who looks at the TLC website from time to time, told me about DeDe. Actually this is how the conservation went: ‘Kat, there’s a dog on the TLC website that you might want to look at.’ To which I replied, ‘Is it DeDe?’ My sister was surprised and answered yes. I decided that I had to meet DeDe.

“On Friday, June 17, I came with my sister Anna and our friend Bird to see if DeDe and I would like each other. Everyone was so helpful and patient, even moving us to a shadier play area so we could spend more time with DeDe in the hot weather. One of TLC’s caregivers, Sean, went above and beyond, answering a ton of our questions that Friday. The adoption process was wonderful! I am not quick to make a decision and surprised myself at how fast it all happened. We spent, I think, two hours playing with DeDe and introducing her to Gypsy to make sure they liked one another, since they would be living together. I filled out the paperwork and the next day I heard that I could adopt DeDe! Anna and I picked her up that afternoon. When we got there, we loved the sign outside saying ‘Welcome to The Brown Family – DeDe is so happy!’ I love that attention to detail. There was also a whole packet of things DeDe needed that we got to take home with us.

“That Saturday, I was nervous and excited, as I had never had a dog that was my sole responsibility before, but I do not think I could have picked a better dog. DeDe has been a blessing to my whole family. I thought this might happen because the day after I adopted DeDe, we celebrated Father’s Day with a brunch for my whole immediate family, nine people. DeDe made everyone feel welcome, happily accepted food from anyone who would give her some, and enjoyed the get-together.

“DeDe continues to help me establish a good morning and bedtime routine, and she is helping me get in shape with all her wonderful energy. I have noticed that she does not like loud noises and can become frightened outside sometimes, but most of the time she is a determined, loving dog. She loves people! I hope to get her out and about more once we do some obedience training, which I think is probably more to help me than it is to help her. Gypsy is starting to enjoy having another dog in the house; they even lie next to each other from time to time.

“Gypsy is 13 and had started to slow down but now seems to have more energy. They certainly seem to like one another, even though we are still working on playing well together and no aggression at feeding times. DeDe has some food aggression, but is fine when she receives her food before Gypsy. To further help with this, we have put their bowls in separate rooms. DeDe loves chewing her toys, chasing balls, going through the pop-up play tunnel, cuddling with anyone who is sitting or lying down, and going for her morning and evening walks. She has not been able to enjoy her little pool yet, but once her ear clears up, then she will enjoy that too.

“DeDe has won my heart. I find myself thinking about when I first saw her and said that she was adorable. She truly is adorable, both inside and out.

“Thank you for helping to make this adoption possible! And thank you to the Petfinder Foundation for sponsoring her adoption fee!”

– Katherine Brown (DeDe’s new mommy)

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