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Aristocats, Inc.: Cat Castles Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Cat Castles are wonderful! The kitties that sit in cages during adoption events have the space to sleep or relax throughout the day, and they can also go to new heights on the top part of the castle, especially when they want to play or get real close to someone who is looking at them! Since most people who walk into the Petco store don't even think of bringing a carrier, we have them covered, should they need one (which also serves as a continued playhouse in their new home)! Additionally, fosters like to see their foster babies play and sleep in and on the castles while they are being fostered. It keeps the young ones content; a place to call their own!

The Cat Castle is very attractive to both cats and people. For people, they enjoy seeing something that is made specifically for the cats to enjoy. At events, the kitties take breaks and need to retreat at times. It is security for the kitties when they need it. In addition to that, they have a playhouse and they always seem to enjoy using it. What's more, we can allow the kitties to keep their castles, which is helpful if they are either loving it, or if they are shy while transitioning. The other benefit is having it also serve as a carrier. Not everyone thinks of a cat carrier before coming, even when they are strategically searching for a kitty. We have had to send people to get carriers, and in return, has sometimes caused people to not return to get the kitty. Sadly, people want convenience and not to have to run home or even spend an additional $30.00 more to get a new carrier, if they have one at home. Our cats are complete and ready to go, and we strongly adhere to having a carrier before any kitty can leave. We have had to give up our own carriers in some cases, which can get expensive. These Cat Castles are perfect, the kitties go home safely, people don't have to do extra shopping on top of all their needed expenses or run home, and the kitty gets to keep his or her very own castle!

How many pets did this grant help?

So far we have had 15 cats claim and keep their own castles! There are about another 10 kitties that are enjoying them and many of them will get to go to their new homes with the castles! Since we still have many more castles, there will be many more cats enjoying these wonderful gifts!

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

It goes without saying that all of the kitties completely enjoy the castles! Here are a few examples. Sammy and her sister Penny: Both are still in foster care but are for adoption. Every day they choose to lounge on or in their castle; considering all the other places in a house to go, they choose this! (Maybe easy access to playtime?) They will get to keep their castle(s) when they go to a good home, which I believe gives them some pleasant memories to take with them! (Picture #1).

Chloe and Jasmine are two very shy girls since they are new to the adoption scene! The castle they have was able to keep them feeling secure (we had to put them on top to get a picture) while they we being shown! Most of the time it is hard to show off the kitties while they are “scared,” but most people understand that, and we post a picture and story on the outside of their cage. If people want to pursue, we can remove them easily so they can be better seen and possibly get an adopter! I know for certain the castle gives them comfort while they are getting used to the whole adoption environment! (Picture #2).

Ty and Hi Fi are two great kitties together! They love to play and have so many times caught onlookers’ attention! We gave them a castle to play in during the adoption day, and they loved it! On and off, in and out, they only had to take a few breaks every now and then to regain energy! I believe because they were so entertaining, and having the castle only improved their creativeness, it had caused Ty to get adopted! We wished Hi Fi could go too, but sometimes there is already a kitty waiting at their new home! So Ty got to take home his castle, a safe place to adjust until his new kitty friend finds out! (Picture #3).

In short. all of the kitties have enjoyed this wonderful castle; it is perfect for them! Our last picture is Jaida. She is very comfortable in her castle hanging out and continues to use it to this day in her new home! She was adopted during the week when a woman came in after work and saw her! Thankfully we had Jaida’s castle with her and no one had to reset an adoption day!

Not only the kitties are grateful, but we here at Aristocats can’t say thank you enough for helping us to improve the lives of our furry felines and to enrich the adoption scene for us!

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