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Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We took in a senior dog named Artie, who at 11 years old had diabetes and Cushing's disease -- both of which can be managed by medications, but the medications are expensive. The money from this grant was used to cover Artie's adoption fee of $200, and 5.8 months of Artie's Cushing's and diabetes medications and supplies, which were passed on to the adopter.

The Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant allowed us to extend financial help to a potential adopter to pay for Artie’s adoption fee and 5.8 months of his Cushing’s and diabetes medications.

This helped PPR focus on searching for the ideal family for him rather than worrying about attracting an adopter who would have to pay $100+ a month in medical costs.

Artie deserved to be with a family that would love him for the rest of his days and realize that just being a bit older and having medical conditions doesn’t have any impact on how much love this little guy can bring to their lives. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation, for helping to facilitate Artie's adoption!

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Artie the Chihuahua came to PPR after his owner passed away. With both diabetes and Cushing’s disease, Artie had complicated health needs. Treatment is medication for life, constant monitoring, and a prescription diet. He was prescribed Vetroyl for Cushing’s and twice daily insulin shots for his diabetes.

Well-mannered Artie did great in foster care but was going to need a local adopter who could commit to being on top of his health conditions. Artie’s medications and supplies cost more than $100 per month. Artie needed a daily oral tablet for his Cushing’s, he needed his ears pricked twice a day to check his blood sugar, and he needed daily insulin injections.

We listed Artie for adoption on the Petfinder site and were waiting for a special person to adopt him. We are happy to report that we found that person and he was adopted! His new family was looking for a small dog and when the mom saw he had diabetes, she knew he was the one! She also has had diabetes since a young age and does daily insulin shots. When they met, Artie displayed all his charm and she couldn’t help but scoop him up to take home.

This is a very happy ending for Artie and we are so thrilled! Thank you for making such a difference with your grant.

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