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Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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The Petfinder Foundation funds were used for an emergency cystotomy. A local shelter called PPR with an urgent medical case: a small female dog, Kay Kay, who was brought in and was in excruciating pain, with blood in her mouth and blood and urine stains on her coat; she was unable to urinate. She was suffering from five large bladder stones. We knew serious complications were possible if the five large stones weren’t removed right away, so a cystotomy was performed.

This grant allowed us to say "yes" to a special-needs dog at the local shelter who was in desperate need of urgent medical care and would have otherwise been euthanized. We were able to save one more life and get this dog the treatment she needed, then rehab her to the point of being adoptable and living a happy life with a new family.

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After Kay Kay’s emergency surgery, she was placed on antibiotics, pain medication and a dietary supplement containing iron, copper and five vitamins. She also needed to be switched to a prescription diet for life to prevent the formation of more stones. Kay Kay stayed at the vet hospital for a couple of days for observation before heading to her new foster home.

In foster care, Kay Kay made great progress in healing and, when she was ready, she was put up for adoption. It didn’t take long for her new family to find her. They were looking for a “small dog to bond with and spoil.” Kay-Kay checked all the boxes: sweet, petite, and very fond of her human. When they met this little fluffball, Kay Kay was her usual delightful self, charming everyone around her.

Kay-Kay now has just what she wanted and needed: loving humans who are around most of the time and a fenced-in yard to zip around in. It is the perfect arrangement for a wonderful life and we were happy to be a small part of her journey! Thank you, Petfinder Foundation, for giving this girl a second chance in life!

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