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Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The largest local shelter in Orlando often calls us and asks if we can help with their urgent medical cases. The shelter doesn't often have the resources needed for serious medical treatments and would have to euthanize the dog if they could find a rescue to step in and cover the medical costs.

They know we take in special-needs dogs and are experienced at getting these dogs the treatment they need and rehabbing them to the point of being adoptable and having happy lives down the road with a new family. With the Petfinder Foundation's help through an Emergency Medical Grant, we are able to say "yes" to the shelter and take in a dog that would otherwise not make it.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

The shelter that called us had a small female dog, Rosie, who was brought in as a stray with a large mammary mass that had burst and appeared infected.

Rosie was an 11-year-old, 11-lb. girl who was sweet and friendly despite being in pain. She had a terrible bacterial infection on the skin, with alopecia that had been left untreated for quite some time. Her ears looked like they had been chronically infected, with excessive hair, bacteria, and yeast. Her teeth were loose, with gingivitis and tartar build-up, and severe dental disease was present. Most seriously, she had a large necrotic and ulcerated mammary mass and multiple mammary nodules on both mammary chains. Large, bilateral radical mastectomies were needed, the first of which was needed urgently.

Rosie had two radical mastectomies about six or seven weeks apart. The surgeries went well and the great news is that her mammary masses hade not metastasized. With the Petfinder Foundation’s grant, we were able to cover much of the cost of her treatment, giving Rosie a second chance in life!

Adorable little Rosie is so sweet and just wanted to be loved. She went into foster care with a family that catered to her every need as she recovered. They saw Rosie through all of her surgeries and vetting and quickly realized they couldn’t live without her in their lives and could not let her go, so they officially adopted her!

Rosie’s thin, dry coat has grown out and she has blossomed into a waggy, friendly, loving little girl. She also likes to go along on errands in the car, where she perches in a doggy seat for the best view.

Rosie will live the rest of her years with a family that loves her unconditionally and she will never be abandoned again.

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