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Panhandle Animal Welfare Society: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We used the KONG products for training and to help our dogs keep mentally active and happy.

This grant was extremely helpful in keeping our dogs happy and occupied while they are in their kennels. Our dogs spend most of their time in the kennels except when it's time to play, and even then, the play time is at most 30 minutes. Our smaller dogs don't get out that much either. They are inside the building and can see all the people passing by, which gets them agitated and excited. Being able to give them a KONG toy with food or peanut butter gives them a fun activity and keeps their minds stimulated. We noticed much happier dogs when they were able to have their KONG toys. Our larger dogs also benefited because they were also able to be stimulated and kept busy while they waited for play time or a meet-and-greet. A dog's being calm in the kennel, rather than jumping up, really helps their chances.

These are great in the hot summer months because you can freeze them and the dogs love licking the ice! And when we can't afford to use AC ever day, these are lifesavers.

How many pets did this grant help?

I'd have to say more than 15, and they are still helping.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Radar (first photo) was a big, strong pitty mix. He was very sweet, but had lots of energy, which built up in his kennel every day. He was usually a bit too active for most potential adopters. Radar’s main volunteer worked tirelessly with him, and then we got the KONG toys. Radar loved his and worked with his volunteer to get his KONG as a treat. Shortly after, Radar was adopted!

Domino (second photo) is a young, energetic jumper. He is a large dog cooped up in a small kennel. He also has a kennel-mate who is also very active. KONGs have been invaluable in keeping Domino and his mate calm during the other dog’s play time. Without the KONG, they are constantly jumping up and barking. We separate them and give them a KONG with peanut butter and they are able to concentrate on that and not what’s going on around them. Domino also loves to get one out in the play yard. He even swims with it! Domino is still looking for his forever home. Meet Domino:

We have had many, many happy dogs go home with their Kong toys after enjoying them in the shelter. I wish I could share more photos with you of all the happy dogs. Ajax (third photo) always loved his KONG in the play yard and now he gets one to take home. Sammi (fourth photo) enjoyed the KONG as a treat, and she was happy she got to take it home.

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