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The Cat Network, Inc.: Petfinder 20th Anniversary Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We were able to buy cages, bandanas, wheels, and beds to enhance our adoption centers for $2,000.
We bought 150 AVID microchips for $1,562.
We bought 10 POP-UP banners for our adoption centers to lead people to the center from the front of the store for $1,650.
We bought 220 test kits for $2,371.
We bought 3/1 vaccines and rabies vaccines for 220 cats for $1,500.
We sterilized 30 cats for $900.

We were able to offer our foster parents the testing, microchips and vaccinations and some surgeries for free so those expenses were not borne by the foster parent. The Cat Network does not own any animals. The foster parent bears all these expenses. We were also able to buy accessories for our adoption centers to make them look more inviting when potential adopters come into the store and finally we were able to buy banners to direct people coming into the stores to the adoption centers or to use for special events.

How many pets did this grant help?

Approximately 220 animals were able to be tested and vaccinated for free; 150 animals received microchips for free and 30 cats were sterilized for free on our Meow Mobile.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Candela and Kaori were two small kittens found and rescued by a lady who feeds cats on the street. Even though she knew she could not keep them, she just couldn’t leave them there facing possible danger. So she gave them to another person who raised them from the age of 5 weeks to 12 weeks. When they were old enough, they received all their vaccines, testing and sterilization through the Petfinder Foundation grant. Then they were put up for adoption (Petsmart and Petco rules mandate that all felines are sterilized, tested and vaccinated before being put up for adoption). Then they were adopted within one week as a bonded pair by a lovely young couple. A great match.

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