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Papillon Pals Rescue, Inc.: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Enrichment items are essential for the foster pups here at Papillon Pals, as they help relieve stress and anxiety as well provide mental enrichment for dogs such as Jackson, who is confined to a crate for 60 days during his heartworm treatment.

Although this super active boy is not allowed to frolic and play, items such as these bring him joy, keeping him from shutting down as he enjoys using his mind to find treats hidden under balls in muffin tins or just having them squeak when he chomps.

Jackson is nearing the end of his crate arrest and will be adopted once he is a free pup (March 25, 2023).

Thank you so very much, Petfinder Foundation, for helping us help the homeless furbabies. This grant will provide mental enrichment for many other pups here who need the sniffing, licking, and finding items to help them too.

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Jackson is a 1-year-old Jack Russell mix who is heartworm-positive. Being a JRT, he is a very, VERY active breed as well as a social pup who just wants to be near his person.

Unfortunately, heartworm treatment requires a pup to stay calm and in a crate for 60 days. Because he is in a foster home with 10+ other dogs, he had to be put into another room, as just the sight of other dogs caused him to want to play, which made his heart rate rise.

The enrichment items we were able to purchase with the monies from the grant provided Jackson a way to use his mind, thus relieving some anxiety and pent-up energy. We would put a few pieces of kibble or treats in strips of fleece, wad them up and put them in the Hol-ee Roller ball, or put some kibble in a muffin tin and put the balls on top, which caused him to do some nose work to find his favorite yum yums. We would load up multiple puzzles along with the lick bowl, and it would just be a fun time for Jackson for at least 20-30 minutes.

Jackson has an approved adopter who is waiting for him to be medically released and then he will be adopted on March 25.

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