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Clay County Animal Services: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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The funds have been used to provide reimbursement for veterinary care for Stormy, a senior Doberman, who was one of 264 animals seized in a hoarding and puppy-mill incident on Oct. 11, 2021. Stormy had exceptional medical needs, so she was sent to Clay Humane for care beyond what Clay County Animal Services could provide. She remained at Clay Humane for more than 44 days under veterinary care to stabilize her condition.

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Stormy, a senior Doberman, was one of 264 animals seized in a hoarding and puppy mill incident on October 11, 2021. Like all of the seized animals, she lacked access to clean food and water. Water on the property was contaminated with rat feces and algae, if it was available for the animals at all. The animals’ food was contaminated with rat and dog feces.

Stormy had several concerns identified on her intake examination. Her body condition score (BCS) was 1/9. She was non-visual, had dermatitis, significant dental wear, golf ball-sized mammary masses on both caudal mammary chains, and was extremely malnourished.

She had bloodwork done and was diagnosed with diabetes, and was housed at a contracted veterinary clinic, Clay Humane, and started on insulin therapy and monitoring. She also had chest radiographs to make sure she did not have any pulmonary metastasis and had mastectomies with her spay. Veterinary staff observed a continued need for care to make Stormy adoptable, so she was not available at the adoption event Clay County Animal Services held on the weekend of Nov. 13–14, 2021.

Stormy is currently doing much better. Her diabetes is now regulated, and she has regained some vision. Due to her continued care and special needs, she has been placed with a Doberman rescue that will seek a permanent placement for her with an owner who can continue to provide care for her medical needs.

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