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30A Cats: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant helped 30A Cats to cover medical expenses for Dolce.

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Dolce is a Siamese cat who was rescued as as stray. We originally thought she was a kitten; however, when she was taken to be examined and spayed, it was noted that she was roughly 3 years old and very malnourished. Upon further examination, Dulce was determined to have a few issues, but the big problem was that she had tooth and gum disease to the extent she needed surgery.

On April 24, 2023, Dolce was taken to the vet and received the dental attention she desperately needed. Luckily, Dolce did not have to have all of her teeth removed. There was an untreated dental infection in her past that was still lingering, which required antibiotics and a soft diet to help her gain the weight she needed.

Dolce will require yearly dental cleanings and checking of her gums for inflammation and disease progression. She also needs to be fed a soft diet.

We have had multiple people looking into adopting Dolce. Dolce does not do well with other animals, and her family will have to be able to commit to the costs associated with yearly dental checks — we want her adoption to be purrfect!

Due to these two issues, she is still available for adoption. During her time with 30A Cats, Dolce has been doing much better and becoming more trusting of humans too! The time has given us the ability to care for Dolce and show her what loving humans can be like!

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