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Operation Liberation: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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The $750 Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant was used for double enucleation surgery for Joey, one of our adoptable felines. The procedure was successfully performed on Sept. 6, 2021. Joey went in for his post-operative checkup and suture-removal today, Sept. 28. The ophthalmologists cleared him for adoption given the wonderful success of his surgery. Joey is happier and healthier as a result of the generosity provided by the Petfinder Foundation's 2021 Emergency Medical Grant.

Operation Liberation is incredibly grateful for the financial support of the Petfinder Foundation's Emergency Medical Grant. Our organization takes in many animals with urgent medical needs each year. As a result, our veterinary bills are ever mounting, often making it difficult to fundraise for potentially lifesaving surgeries.

This grant allowed us the ability to get Joey the surgery he needed to live a long, happy, healthy life, without stressing about raising the money required for his costly procedure.

We have seen a clear improvement in Joey's overall wellbeing, playfulness, and demeanor since his operation. We look forward to seeing Joey continue to thrive now that he is no longer dealing with painful, reoccurring eye infections. He is now one step closer to finding his forever home!

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Joey was found as a stray in Miami when he was about 6 weeks old. When he came into our care, he was emaciated, infested with fleas and intestinal parasites, anemic, and had an upper-respiratory infection. He also suffered from severe trauma to both of his eyes.

With urgent medical intervention and lots of TLC, our tiny Joey improved dramatically. However, the trauma to his eyes was so severe that it rendered him blind. The condition of his eyes was so poor that they would cause him reoccurring, painful infections.

Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant, Joey recently underwent a successful double-enucleation procedure to remove his severely damaged, non-visual eyes. He is now two weeks post-op and is doing great.

Since undergoing surgery, Joey seems to be much more comfortable. He plays, snuggles, and enjoys life just like any other kitty. Joey is now ready to find a forever home of his own! You can meet Joey here.

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