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Animal Haven Rescue of Bay County Florida, Inc.: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Operation Spay Bay: spaying females
Animal Care Center: feral kitten rescued - anemia, URI, flea ridden
Chewy: Litter and wet food for animals in foster homes
Animal Care Center: feral kitten treated for outside wounds - rescued
Amazon: kitten formula
Bay Animal Hospital: feral kitten treated for wounds/wound-care followup
Bay Animal Hospital: meds for feral kitten w/wound litter and wet food for cats in rescue
Bay Animal Hospital: Elsa & 2 kittens - feral kittens rescued for treatment/bite-wound care
Panama City Animal Hospital: Halo, Pickles and Fletcher - eye issue/meds given

The pets impacted and listed as active on Petfinder are:
47962534, 47962533, 47962532, 47647412, 47647410, 47647408, 47647405, 47647400, 47647395, 47647392, 47647391, 47647387, 47647388, 47647383, 47647381

We were able to get wet food, dry food, flea treatments, cat litter (which is a never-ending need with a rescue), and kitten formula because we have been inundated with kitten season. We have four litters of kittens -- three feral that we rescued and one litter that was abandoned/found. We have been able to supply special food to our special-needs kittens. We had a couple of emergency vet visits with the feral kittens. We lost one kitten, but so far the rest in the litters are getting healthy and getting acclimated to human touch while nursing with the mama cats we have in the rescue. We have one kitten, Elsa, where it was touch-and-go with her deep wounds, but she is getting stronger every day.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

A new litter is still is nursing with our mama cat, Timon. Timon weaned her own litter and has taken over nursing for an abandoned litter of five. One of these kittens is Elsa, with the wound bites (alert – if you have a sensitive stomach – the bite pictures are up close). However, the current picture of Elsa shows how she is recovering and continues to thrive! Her foster mom is taking such excellent care of her.

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