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New Beginnings Animal Sanctuary: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

New Beginnings Animal Sanctuary received $500 from the Petfinder Foundation to help with the costs of medical care for one of our shelter dogs, Paddington Bear. These funds were used to cover his sedation and surgery, the treatment afterwards and the many medications he received, including Ketofen, Polyflex (ampicillin), Clavamox and Panacur Suspension.

This grant helped our organization provide expensive but necessary care for one of our shelter dogs. Without this grant, it would have been difficult for our shelter to find the funds to cover his treatment and medications.

How many pets did this grant help?


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It was a cold December morning when a couple rushed into our clinic’s waiting room. They were clutching a small bundle of fur. As they handed him to our veterinary technician, we noticed how he didn’t move and was barely breathing. We thought the story of Paddington Bear wasn’t going to make it past the first page, but there he was, several weeks later, bouncing around the playroom with the other puppies.

The couple had told us they had found him on the side of the road. Our head veterinarian determined that he had been attacked by another dog or a large animal. His medical costs were immense. He had to be sedated for surgery and receive many different medications. Luckily, the Petfinder Foundation stepped in to cover the costs of his treatment. This was a huge relief, and in the end, Paddington pulled through.

He has now been placed with a loving family who are so grateful for the talent of our veterinarian and the Petfinder Foundation for bringing them together with their newest little boy.

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