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Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, Inc.: Orvis Dog Enrichment Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Thank you so much for your generous donation of $1,000 to Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, Inc. As you know, abused, neglected and homeless animals in our community go without proper food, shelter, and essential medical care every day due to a variety of factors. That is what Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, Inc., set out to end. We care for their medical needs, regardless of the cost. We take in the sick, abused and elderly animals that would most likely be overlooked by any potential adopter. We take in the breeds that most are scared of and have already decided to pass by. No animal is not worth saving to us. Every single one of them deserves a second chance at life.

With the generous support of organizations such as yours, we are able to help many of these animals get back into homes where they are loved and cared for. Your contribution makes what we do possible. With your donation we were able to pay for two senior dogs who suffered from extreme dental disease to get much-needed surgery in order to be placed up for adoption. Since this time, both of these boys have gone to loving homes where they will be able to live the rest of their lives happy, healthy and pain-free!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Sir Lancelot’s story: On Sept. 16, 2015, our intake coordinator, Kim, went to the Newington Animal Control shelter. She was going to be taking a dog from the pound and bring it into our rescue. She had no idea what the day had in store for her. When she arrived at the pound she was surprised to see a small senior wire-haired terrier in the kennel. Normally she was made aware of the dogs in this shelter, as the animal control officer is one of the best and always sets a plan up for the dogs in her shelter to be released as quickly as possible. Upon talking with the ACO, Kim was told that the “higher-ups” had told her to put this dog down because he was “old and had severe dental issues.” She was told by the ACO that, although she had tried many different rescues and sources, none worked out for this old man. Kim was heartbroken. This dog, with his big brown eyes, just sat there looking at her. He was clearly a friendly boy who just wanted to be held and loved.

Kim asked the ACO if it would be possible for her to see this dog. The ACO happily let him out of the kennel and instantly Kim knew this dog would be leaving with her that day! Being an older Yorkshire terrier mix, she accordingly named him Sir Lancelot — Lance for short. Lance was a total love! His tail was wagging and he was happy as could be to get in her car! It was obvious to all that Lance did in fact have a very serious dental condition. His mouth was black and his teeth seemed to be falling out and decaying. The pain in his mouth was very clear and Kim drove straight to the rescue’s vet office to have him examined.

We were told then that Lance was in very rough shape. His mouth was in fact so bad that without prompt surgery this boy might not live much longer. Without missing a beat, the much-needed surgery was scheduled for the next day. Lance stayed at the vet overnight to be monitored and when the next day came, he went in for his lifesaving surgery.

Lance had to have multiple teeth removed, leaving only a few teeth remaining in his mouth. Our vet told Kim that the surgery had “added quite a few years to his life.” Lance went to his new foster home the next day a brand new dog! He was happy and playful and able to eat without pain! He flourished in his foster home, getting to play with his foster sister, a schnauzer named Pebbles, whom he adored!

That is where Michele and Robert came in. They saw Lance’s pictures and knew instantly he was exactly the dog they wanted.They applied and were approved shortly thereafter. All that was left was a meet-and-greet. We brought Lance to their home and everyone agreed it was in fact the perfect match for everyone. Lance was home!

It is said in rescue that it always takes a village to save an animal. This couldn’t be more true. Thanks to an amazing ACO who fights hard for her animals; Kim, who couldn’t leave Lance in that kennel regardless of his age and medical condition; Orange Veterinary Hospital for being so swift to ensure Lance’s health; Petfinder Foundation for the grant money to cover this much-needed surgery; Roseanne and her family for taking in Lance as a foster and giving him the time and love he needed to heal and flourish; and, of course, to Michele and Robert for opening their hearts and homes to a dog who had once been deemed “too old and sick” to be adopted. Happy tails, Lance — we love you!

Huey’s story: Huey’s story starts with a phone call from a local ACO to our intake coordinator. She had a senior min pin at the pound and he was in rough shape. She reached out to us for help. Kim, our intake coordinator, quickly agreed to go and pick him up. When she got to the pound she met Boo Boo, the senior min pin. He was very nervous of new people and, although desperate for love and affection, it was clear that he had been abused previously and was very scared of more people hurting him. Kim took Boo Boo to her car, not sure what to expect. He quickly decided that Kim was not someone to fear and started kissing her and jumping on her lap! He cuddled up to her and melted her heart. As with many dogs that come into our rescue from bad pasts, she decided to change his name. Huey became his new name to start his new life.

Kim already knew that previous dental work had been done, but upon exam it was evident that far more dental work was needed. His gums were black and his mouth was severely infected. We brought Huey to our vet for his intake exam and he confirmed that Huey did in fact need major dental surgery and that this surgery needed to be done promptly. With the infection in his mouth spreading, Huey was in danger. We scheduled the surgery quickly. Huey had all but one tooth removed. He was placed on medication to fight off the infection and sent home to his wonderful foster.

Huey recovered from his surgery and was eating pain-free. The infection subsided and Huey was on the final road to being a happy healthy boy. As Huey gained confidence, we learned that he was really a super sweet and lovable guy. He always wants to be on your lap and loves to be held! He spent his days playing with his other canine foster siblings, enjoying long walks, and curling up to his foster mom at night. It was so easy to fall head over heels for this boy.

We got a phone call one day. A person knew Huey previously and wanted to tell us where he had come from and what he had been through. It horrified us! Huey had been living in kennel run by a man who, for legal reasons, we cannot name. He ran a “rescue” and took in hundreds of dogs from shelters. This man had been reported to the state multiple times for abuse and neglect, and finally his “rescue” was shut and 65 dogs were taken away from him. The animals had been beaten, starved, and horribly neglected. To know Huey had endured this treatment broke our hearts! It was no surprise he was so scared. Huey was lucky to have been adopted out of this “rescue,” but sadly his adopter was not able to keep him long-term. She gave him away to a friend of hers, who again decided she could not keep Huey. She brought him to the pound and that was when we stepped in.

Huey had been through so much in his life. He knew abuse, neglect and abandonment but not love or stability. We refused to let him down. We received a call about week after from a previous adopter from our rescue. She was in love with Huey and after getting to know him she knew she couldn’t let another day go by without him in her life. Huey was adopted shortly thereafter. He finally found his forever home! Huey is loving life and enjoying all the benefits of a loving, stable and secure home. We couldn’t be happier for Huey and we will always love him!

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