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Furry Friends Foster and Rescue, Inc.: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Tucker is a dog we pulled from [an open-admission] shelter the day before he was due to be euthanized. Tests showed he was positive for heartworm. The money was used to help pay for his treatment, which is now almost completed. He goes back to the vet next week for repeat blood work, which hopefully will show that he is clear of heartworm.

Your grant was of great assistance to us in treating Tucker for heartworm. We always do thorough vetting on the dogs in our rescue and provide whatever treatment is necessary to ensure their continued health and well-being. Your grant helped us to help Tucker, and to go forward and help other dogs in similar situations.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

We pulled Tucker from [an open-admission] shelter when he was one day away from being euthanized. This handsome hound mix had been on the run for a long time, and then spent a long time in the shelter after he was caught when he decided to raid a chicken coop. When Tucker came to us, he tested positive for heartworm, and we reached out to your organization for help in the cost of his treatment. We are so grateful for your help!

When we met Tucker, he was a very shy, very scared boy who clearly did not have much experience living in a home. Everything was new to him. He would startle at the slightest unfamiliar sound, and it was clear that he had never experienced the love of a human. He was placed in a quiet foster home where he had a chance to decompress and begin to learn what this business of living in a home was all about. He spent several months there and made terrific progress. Recently he was moved to a second foster home. He is nearing the end of his treatment for heartworm, and we suspected that living in a home with other balanced dogs would be beneficial to him. We were right!

Tucker, as do many timid dogs, takes his cues from other dogs. The move has turned him into a different dog! He is seeking human attention, rolling over on his back for tummy rubs, and absolutely loves living with other dogs and having children in the home as well. We even discovered that, although Tucker may have viewed chickens as dinner when he was on the run, he gets along just fine with cats in a home environment!

Once he is cleared medically, he will be neutered, and then will be available for adoption. Because of the help of your organization, Tucker’s present is a happy one, and his future is looking very bright indeed!

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